Artworks 3rd nine weeks By: Kylee allen

Due date: Feb. 17, 2017 Work: Taz Media: Graphite

Skills developed: Solve Problems, Engage and Persist.

To solve problems; With help I was able to get past the problem of his tail not looking like it should. It helped me improve my skill of adding small details. For Engage and Persist, there was a lot of time I didn't focus on my work, I wanted to do it but I also wanted to do other things during these times I still worked even if it was a little bit. To improve this I am working on limiting how much stuff I do at once so that I can focus.

This project is meaningful to me because it is something that I have wanted to do and it is also my dog which I have already drawn my other one. To do something differently to it I would probably press lighter with the trace paper so that I can erase lines when needed.

This being my final picture. My next work will be on a clay sculpture with something to do with bamboo.

2nd Spark Entry. Due Date: 3-24-17

My skills that have improved would be definitely throwing on the wheel. The cup on the right is my first cup that I have thrown and the one on the left is improved in a matter of three days. An artistic behavior that I exhibited during this time would be Create Original Art, My Japanese Cafe sign was a small idea that I wanted to pursue so I did. I researched different Japanese desserts as well as other original desserts along with their name written in Japanese. This piece actually meant something to me because I want to have a cafe type restaurant when I am older and it could possibly be something I can hang on my walls on my cafe. I liked working on this because it had meaning and I really like throwing on the wheel. All my cups are finished but need to be glazed and my cafe painting is finished I just don't have a photo of it. To continue what I am doing I will throw more on the wheel so I can make my bamboo cup that I have been practicing for. Next I want to do a bowl alongside the picture below.

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