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Antonio Sanchez

Auburndale, Florida, 33823



Gause Academy of Leadership and Applied Technology.


The Shallow Grave


Winter Haven, Florida

October-November 2014, October-November 2015, September-October-November 2016 September-October-November 2017

Scare Actor


FBLA, Gaming


InDesign certification, Microsoft office Word, Microsoft office PowerPoint

Career: Drafters

Median Pay for drafters is $52,720 per year, $25.35 Per hour.

Typical entry level education for this job is an Associate’s degree

The amount of Work experience in a related occupation you need is None.

On-the-job training: None

Number of jobs: 204,400

Job outlook: -3% (decline)

Employment change: -6,200

What drafters do:

Drafters use computer software to convert designs of architects and engineers into drawings. Most specialize in architectural, civil, electrical, or mechanical drafting. They use the technical drawings to help design everything from microchips to skyscrapers.

Work environment:

Drafters spend most of their time working in offices on computers. Some go visit job sights to collaborate with architects and engineers. Most of everyone in this job work full time.

How to become a drafter:

Drafters need a specialized training, which can be achieved through a technical program that leads to a certificate or an associate’s degree.


The normal annual wage for drafters was $52,720 in May 2015. Ranging from $33,590 all the way to $83,350

Job outlook

Employment for this job is projected to drop 3% from 2014-2024. Drafters will continue to work on technical drawings and documents related to the design of buildings, machines, and tools. New software is making drafters and related professionals more efficient.

Florida Data.

  • The employment of drafters in Florida is between 370 - 1,960.
  • The location quotient of drafters in Florida is between, 0.80 - 1.25.
  • The annual mean wage of drafters in Florida is between $48,820 - $51,920

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