The JBL Bridge Building Company By Liam AdAmczyk, BrAdley Blasberg, and Joe chase

Our First Bridge

This is our first bridge. It was not the strongest bridge, but it held 56 pounds. The biggest weakness of the bridge was its connections, which did not hold the sides together very well and broke easily. Its main strength was the trusses which were very strong and did not break.

The trusses were our strongest part of the first bridge, although they were not very well built, they did not break and helped with tension and compression.

These are the connections for our bridge. They were definitely the weakest part of our bridge because they were the part that broke during the weight test. We made the mistake of putting the popsicle sticks on the bottom of the bridge, which caused them to fall off of the bridge and break.

Here is the video of our first bridge's test. It was not very well designed and only held 56 pounds.

Our Second Bridge

This is the second bridge, as you can see we reinforced the connections between the two sides to help create better support for the bridge. This bridge held 76 pounds in total, but failed because one of the trusses snapped leading to the downfall of the bridge.

On our last bridge, the trusses were the strongest part and the only things that did not break. But, in our second bridge, they were slightly less strong and eventually broke at 76 pounds. They were successful in dealing with tension and compression and only broke because of wet glue.

These are the reinforced connections that we used for the second bridge. They are much stronger than last time. We glued two sticks that connected the trusses together and two that connect the connecting sticks. They performed much better than the last bridge during the test and were probably our strongest feature this time around.

Here is the video of our second bridge, it had a much better design than the first bridge and held 76 pounds.

What We Learned

We found out that the trusses are not the only important thing with the bridge, you have to make sure that you cover all aspects of the bridge to make sure that you can ensure a safe bridge. You have to have good connections on your bridge because if you don't have good connection then the trusses are pointless.

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