Human Impact on Plant Growth By: Elizabeth Erker


Many drugs that humans use, such as ibuprofen and diclofenac, are released into the environment and finds its way to soil. Once the drug is in the soil it will affect how the plants grow.


Drugs find their way into our environment and find many ways to get into our soil and roots. Many drugs can effect each plant differently, for example, fanatic acid effects the growth of radish plants and ibuprofen effects the growth of lettuce plants. Once drugs reach the roots of plants it begins to be very dangerous for the growth of the plant and humans that may be eating these edible plants. We also know the drugs that are in the environment are hurting our animals. As our population continues to grow we realize that there will be more drugs in our atmosphere, which could be very dangerous to our plants.


Scientists are continuing with their research, as they need to know more to solve the problem. I think that scientists will find a way to prevent drugs from getting into the environment, whether it be inventing and changing the drug so that it does not find a way to get into the environment or inventing a machine or a procedure to prevent the existing drugs from getting into the environment.


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