A Tour of Asia Dioramas, demonstrations, and Songs

Every month, the students of 5RW embark on a month-long research project. For the month of January, their focus was on Asia. Each student selected a country to research. The students identified their research questions and, using both analog and digital resources, gathered information to answer the questions.

For their final projects, students had a choice of making a diorama about a famous manmade or natural landmark in their country or give a demonstration to teach about some aspect of their country's culture. We learned about Krav Maga, the history of chopsticks, and how to speak Hebrew.

Dioramas from Japan, China, and Malaysia

One student learned how to play Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture!

Come join our class as we learn how to say some useful phrases in Japanese!

Our guide through the Hebrew alphabet.

Mount Mayon in the Philippines

The Golden Buddha in Thailand

A river scene in Vietnam

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Russian nesting dolls

Come by Room 23 in Greenacres and see the rest of our beautiful projects!

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