We are scenographers, set designers and architects. We are specialized in designing and making scenographies for big and crowded areas, like malls, squares, theaters and attraction parks. Starting from malls, here are some creation we made in Italy, Spain and Middle East.

Dubai Mall

We were involved in some projects on the Dubai Mall (Golden Souk), the largest in the World. Also, we created other malls and commercial buildings all around Europe.

A Mall, designed and realized in Imperial Roman Style.

Here are some works we have proudly made in the best theme parks and theaters of Europe and Middle East. We started 25 years ago building up the attractions of Gardaland, Italy, where you can find lots of our masterpieces. So, let's start from that.

Atlantide, Gardaland 2003

We made the biggest aquatic attraction of Europe: Atlantide, mq 12.000. Its cost has been estimated around 15.000.000€.

Atlantide, overview
Atlantide, the Gate
Making the Atlantis'king
We managed the entire project

The next attraction we show is "Mammut", a roller coaster realized in 2008, estimated around 15mln €. The area is 5,000 m².

Speed: 50km/h
Area: 5.000mq
Height 13,5 m

Prezzemolo's tree  is the main attraction of Fantasy Kingdom, a 12.000 mq, started in 2001. 38mln€ was the cost of that.

Prezzemolo's tree
Our structure
We made all the decoration too

Some years later, Portaventura, the biggest park of Spain, wanted us to make a new big tree in the middle of a kids area. Here are some pictures of that.

height: 16 meters
Portaventura, Spain

Jungle Rapids is our first big attraction, made in 1998. It covers an area of 18.000mq. 22 mlns€ were invested for that.

We made the set design of Raptor (2011, 22mlns€), a 90Km/h speed roller coaster. It is around 770 m (length) and takes an area of 16.000mq.

Also, we made the Sequoia Adventure entrance tree (2005).

Finally, here are some pictures from other parks and museums we made.



For any question just ask us by sending a message to the following email address: info@poliscultura.com

Now have a look of our creative portfolio. We can manage 3d drawing and traditional drawing as well.


3d design can create some very effective emotional views. This kind of pictures is useful to promote the park.

House of Blues

The Time Temple

The Venetian Door

A character design studio (2016)

Thank you for watching. For any question please contact us: info@poliscultura.com

+33 (0) 7 68 03 93 36


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