What's Matter by: jackie gonzalez

Do you know what is matter? If you read on, you will soon know what is matter. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

Have you ever though what is matter? Dogs are matter because everything is matter even you are matter your teacher, house, your family and many more are matter.

Matter is anything that takes up space. For example, put water in a cup then put an object on the water and the water will spill because objects take up space.

Atoms in a solid are really close together like in this rocks. That means it does not really move a lot. The atoms in the rocks tell you it is a solid because the rock is hard.

We can classify matter by it’s properties. Taste, texture, shape and size. The texture of these rocks are rough some rocks are smooth some are big and some are small they are all different ways like we are in different size shape big and small.

Matter takes the shape of its container. For example, If you have a liquid and you put it in a cup it will take the shape of the cup whatever the cup has the water or liquid will take the shape because liquids take the shape of it’s container for example, this liquid is taking the shape of it's container. If the cup is shaped as a heart the liquid will take the shape as a heart.

The atoms in this object are touching each other but not that much as in the solids because the water is soft or smooth (like this bunny or rabbit)

Liquids atoms are also touching each other but not that much as solids. Liquids take the shape of it’s container that means they don’t have their own shape.

There are 3 states of matter: liquid,solid and gas. All solids liquids and gases have volume and mass. these are just examples of atoms in a gas because they are not touching each other. Gas is another state. Air is gas. The atoms of the gas not touching each other so you can pass through it. Gas also takes the shape of it’s container for example,a balloon you fill it with air and it took the shape of it’s container.

Solids can change to liquid. That is called melting. For example, when you have an Ice cream and you don’t eat it fast the sun will melt your Ice cream because it is too hot outside. Sometimes it is cold and the cold will keep your ice cream frozen.

Boiling is another state. For example, sometimes if you see your mom’s pot when she is cooking and there is water vapor coming out of the pot, that is when the water evaporates.

Liquid can change to a solid. It is called freezing. For example, you put water in a container and you put it in the freezer when you take it out it will be frozen.

Temperature can change matter for example, liquid can freeze because outside it might be too cold.

Condensation for example of evaporation is the water cycle. When the water is on the floor and then it goes up in the sky. It evaporates.

All balloons are filled with special gas called helium so they can float. Gas also takes the shape of it’s container for example,a balloon you fill it with air and it took the shape of it’s container.

When spring comes the snow will melt because it is getting hotter outside and the sun is melting the snow like the ice cream example the sun will melt the ice cream because it is hot outside


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