This is my story of the battleship that we worked on for five months. we have a task of constructing a canon and build a base.

This is are materials for constructing the air canon.
Me and my teammates started with brainstorming an idea of how we are going to be building the canon. First we thought about how we are going to support the barrel. little help form are teacher we decided to build a box that can support the barrel.
The picture up top is we are using the laser to make are box.
After we got are barrel support done we did the actual canon construction job.
this is one of my teammate using the primer to connect all the part of the canon.
We got are canon and are barrel support put in together.
After we got that done we started drawing on the board how we are going to build the base for the cannon. Everyone had different idea of the base. we worked together to make the best design we can.
This is when we made are design on onshape. This was are final copy of the canon base
This is all the peaces we cut on the shop-bot.

this is the video of the Shopbot cutting the base.

After we got done cutting on the Shopbot we sanded everything, so its fresh.
After we got done sanding we glued every prat together and we completed are base.
Putting the finishing touches on the base.
since we made the barrel support first,and did't think about our base so we had to go back and make thing hole on the barrel support so we can put are dowel thought it.
this is the dowel that goes though the barrel support.
we we made our base we didn't think who we are going to to lock it in an angle. so we went back and drill some hole at some angle so we can lock it it.
Since we drilled on the barrel support we have to make one on the tower too. But that ended up not working, because it was hard to find the hole on the both side.
This is are canon and are base put together.

Us shooting the cannon at a target.

This is the angle we shoot at and this is the pressure we shot at. Are shots was accurate and precise.

if one thing we could have change about are project we would find a better way to to are angle adjustment. we would have made it more mechanic.

This is just a little fun thing we did. we shoot 5 balls at the same time at 100 PSI. Overall this project was a fun project. I am glad that its over now, after working on it for 5 months.

This is are team evaluation.

This was a project tough us how to work as a team and solve a problem. How to use Onshape, how to use the Shopbot, and how to use the primer to glue PVC together. This was a good project and tough us a lots of things.

Period 6 table 2 Journal :

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