The great Siberians Are slowly going extinct: By: claribel jaquez guzman

The great Siberian tiger is well known as the largest of all tigers. They are located in the Russian Far East. They are also one of the many species that are endangered. The reason why they are endangered is because by hunting and remain endangered due to poaching and habitat destruction.
Here is a picture of a Siberian tiger.

Siberians eat Siberian roe deer, Manchurian sika deer, wild boar, small Asian black and brown bear, and other species. A Siberian tiger is like any other tiger but is the largest of all, and eats different things than normal tigers, like bigger species.

The red area is where the endangered Siberian tigers are located.

Siberians live in eastern Russia's birch forests, though there are some in China and North Korea. Because Siberians Tigers are endangered there are only a fiew of them left. They have a very harsh climate. In Russia some people hunt down Siberian tigers illegally even though there are only about 500 left in Russia which is why they are endangered.

This picture was taking by a real photographer a few years ago.

These tigers are also called Sumatran. And their Latin name is Panthera Tigris. They are very large at about 10.5 ft tall, and weighing about 700 pounds. They are in some ways similar to other tigers around the world. Adult ones like to live alon, unless it's a female that wants to take care of her cubs.

This is a picture of a cub.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Siberians have wavy black stripes around their body just like any other tiger, but theirs is thicker and darker. They have huge claws that makes it easier for them to attack their prey. They also have thick and long fur that keeps them warm when it comes to cold weather. In fact, most of the many reasons they are hunted and killed is because of their fur. To make certain materials out of it, and later on sell it.

Siberian tiger in winter

It is estimated hat about one-third of the Siberian tiger population were killed in such harsh ways for their bones and other parts of their bodies. It is now unlawful in China but if it was since the beginning, Siberian tigers wouldn't be in the list of the many endangered species in the world.

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