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One of the first major character pieces I created. I lived near Japantown and my influences were different compared to what the rest of the country was putting up.
My first front page exposure. This is way better than an exposure for being a nuisance... and I’ve seen plenty of those.

I was born in New York (Manhattan) Beth Isreal Hospital back in 1966. My thoughts were always,”Would I still have been a graffiti artist If I lived in Manhattan?” I moved to Seoul Korea several years later and came to San Francisco in 1973. From ‘73 to ‘83, I was raised in a multi- cultural neighborhood in different parts of San Francisco such as the Inner Richmond, North Beach and finally Japantown near Fillmore street. Most were section 8 or low income housing. I had a normal childhood until my parents got a divorce when I was 10. I kept myself busy by playing team sports (Basketball, Football and Baseball).

One day after watching movies like Flashdance, Style Wars documentary and B-movies like Wild Style, I was completely hooked on Hip-Hop culture. These shows literally killed my sports activity and a new activity called Hip-Hop Culture was to take place and take root in my life. My life was to take a road less traveled... for better and for worse. I got into Break Dancing or B-Boying for several years. Then I picked up a can of spray paint and my life was forever changed.

This mural is called Dharma. My agent got a call from one of the more prominent real estate management companies in the Mission District. They wanted a mural on a building that got burned down 3 times in the last 2 years. So once they fixed the exterior of the building we ended up piggy backing off the previous construction company’s scaffolding to create the mural. From bottom to the top: Mother Teressa holding a baby, Dr. Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Mahatma Ghandi and to top it all off, a dove representing peace.
One of the most prized areas in the mission district. Completed Dharma mural on Mission and 22nd street. San Francisco, Ca.

Dharma Mural Celebration

My usual motis operendi is to finish the mural, take photos, keep your head down, go home and repeat. After years of this outlook i”ve created a portfolio like no other but I missed the opportunity to connect with the neighborhood acknowledgment. Lately I’ve seen many of my peers doing mural unfailing where the public, politicians and celebrities came out to celebrate the mural and how not only sends a positive message, but also beautifies the neighborhood. I definitely can get used to this! Is this what happens when you paint for over 35 years? I am living my dream.

Lucciano Berningson

Industry415 Marketing Group/Agency Director

I've known Crayone a little under two years and in that time I have had the pleasure of booking Crayone for both Corporate & Motivational Speaking engagements showcasing his artistic talents and using his life experiences as a platform to spark passion and purpose in not only in the local community but also among the corporate community on a national level. Crayone’s professionalism, passion for his art and passion for inspiring people is what has me continue to utilize him for our clients.
Diablo Cross Fit Gym, Diablo Ca.


Crayone offers many types of services & products related to graffiti and street art. Below are descriptions of some of the more popular projects Crayone can help you with. Our commitment to clean work with quick turnarounds make Crayone one of the the most reliable graffiti artist in the world.
The Azteca Tagueira Resturant owner walked up to me while I was painting the Dharma mural and we struck a conversation about a possible mural. We eventually made an appointment to come see his wall, a Taqueira Business on 3rd and Williams Street. The mural was a huge success where people from all over social economic backgrounds came together to symbolize pride and respect in the neighborhood.
From L to R: Francisco Poncho Villa, Caesar Chavez, Frita Kahlo, Xochilpilli (God of Art), Emiliano Zapata Salazar. Mural on El Azteca Taqueria on 3rd and Williams Street. San Francisco, Ca.

Nick Myerhoff

Owner Designer/ GirlRider Design

I have had the pleasure of working with Crayone over the past few months. Although his history precedes him, my experience working with him is recent. As an accomplished art director and designer, I found Crayone to be not only down to earth and professional but accommodating and humble. Its rare to find artists with such vast experience that still have an open attitude and willingness to share and teach. Because of people like Crayone, the street art movement is sure to flourish and become more accepted as a legitimate mainstream art form.
Love Oakland Group, Oakland, Ca.

Corporate Office Murals

The artist Crayone specializes in bringing corporate office spaces to life through elaborate and dynamic mural paintings. Give your corporate office a facelift and provide your employees a creative and inspiring atmosphere. Whether you’re designing a new office space or have been settled at a location for years, we provide seamless communication and beautiful wall murals.
Stevenson Alley, SOMA, San Francisco, Ca.
3rd floor of the Tribune Building. Company called Wall Socket. Break room. Oakland, Ca.

Live Painting

Add a live art installment to your next event to create ultimate buzz and attention with an engaged audience. Crayone can design and assemble temporary wall structures for any indoor or outdoor venue including nightclubs, conventions, festivals, promotional events and business meetings.
LMC Recording Studio: 925 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa, Ca.
It was a pleasure working with the owner. He made me feel welcome and we shared ideas. He gave me freedom and few restrictions with the art. This process made me more interested in the project and I’ve became more invested and to give my all. 925 Piner Rd. Santa Rosa, Ca.
“Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold...”

-Bob Marley

Claire Naomi Isaacs

Former Director of the San Francisco Arts Commission

"Even the greatest detractors of this art from recognized the artist incredible talent and ability, and he had many admirers in the community. It was with special pleasure, then, that I recently learned that Crayone has pursued an art career. My colleagues on the newly formed Anti-Graffiti advisory Committee of the San Francisco Muni Metro applauded with delight over this news. Crayone has taken the positive road of education and training. He is a bright, talented and forceful personality. I surely hope you can find a place for him both for his present talents and for his personal achievements as a role model for other young men. He will not let you down."

Mural for Local55. It is Oakland’s Fire Department Union building.

Reaching new heights...

Business Murals

Connect with your customer and target audience through an authentic brand experience provided through graffiti & street art. Whether it’s custom signage, classic sign painting, exterior logos or interior graffiti wall décor; Crayone and his assistants will create an environment that aligns with your brand aesthetic and message.

Terra Wattles

Aragonne Park Director

"I've known Crayone for many years and to have a colorful mural in our playground really makes it a fun place to be for many of the children and adults that comes here and enjoy art. A lot of the younger generation understand graffiti more than I do, but I think Crayones unique technique makes it an art form and can bridge the gap between art and graffiti.
Golden Gate Bridge with some Georgia O’Keeffe style hills.
The Classic Low Rider with WK Market sign. The building owner of the corner store called me in to deter graffiti vandalism on his wall. They were dealing with it on a day to day basis. It’s been almost over 4 years now since the mural went up and not one tag was placed on the wall. A lot of taggers have respect for spraycan art murals. I think the work reflected their world and community and now the mural is a symbol of pride in the Mission.
Typical Mission district style houses.
Marti Gras style female by Alexander Tadlock and Crayone.
Always an awesome feeling when your mural is lit at night.

Perry Weissburg

Owner of Housewares

"To the people of this community, these murals speak of their cultural heritage. They have become symbols of pride and hope in our neighborhood."
Mixed cultural warrior protecting the hood from gentrification. Character by Crayone and piece by Dregs One.

Crayone Street Art

Crayone specializes in large-scale spray painted murals for outdoor commercial artwork or small business promotion. With full insurance to work with scaffolding & lifts to create photo realistic replications or original graphic designs in large proportions, we offer the experience and quality you’re looking for.
Tuff City Tattoos in the Bronx, NY.

Sam Ezam

Owner of Liquor Store

"Ever since I hired Crayone to do a spray-can art mural, the art has effectively deterred vandalism (tagging) on our walls. Believe it or not, even the taggers have respect for large graffiti murals. Our neighbors and customers from all walks of life come in and give us compliments. It's hard to believe that this corner is now famous. It also beautifies the surrounding areas with brilliant colors and the artwork seems to lift everyone's spirits.
Lilac Alley in San Francisco. Client is 3:19 Coffee Co.
Quetzal Bird for Guatemalan coffee beans for 3:19 Coffee Co. Lilac Alley, San Francisco, Ca.
The role of the artist I now understood, as that of revealing through the world-surfaces the implicit forms of the soul, and the great agent to assist the artist was the myth. - Joseph Campbell
Nimby, Oakland CA.

Team Building Workshops

Build on team moral and productivity with our team building workshops. Get your company involved through hosted street art competitions, team-based painted murals, local graffiti and street art tours, or historical panel discussions about graffiti art, graffiti photographers, historians and artists. Workshop participation requires no artistic background or previous experience with graffiti or street art. We provide all necessary protective garments, safety materials and art supplies for on-site or third party venue locations.
Krayone burner at Glendale Ca.
Krayone Burner at Unit B Studios in Santa Ana Ca.
Triple Vision UBC at NIMBY. Oakland, Ca.

The idea for a “Triple Vision” style came from a colleague of mine named “Guess” from the early days of the San Francisco graffiti scene. I decided to give it a unique flavor of my own. The UBC letters was placed on top of each other 3 times and the furthest back letters were bigger in girth, while the other two were placed on top. They all got smaller as it came towards the viewer. 1st style (in the back) being a block letter, 2nd style is a Wild Style piece (which is in the middle) then the 3rd and final letter style on top is the thinner 3-D style.

Lynell Berkely

Recording Artist

"This Spray-Can Art mural is one of the biggest in Northern California. It shows that this special medium has no limits and the future of this art from has not yet been set. Very few artists have gone the distance with this art form. The person who is on this adventure is 'Cray-Known'".
A client had been through a traumatic surgery and he wanted me to express his experiences on the walls of his 1st floor studio. San Francisco, Ca.
Art piece is on the 1st floor of the corner building, located at Fell and Gough Streets.
Private residence at Monterey Heights. San Francisco, Ca.

Richard J. Miller


"The mural painted in Napa Valley has been enthusiastically received by our customers and citizens of Napa. Crayone was great to work with and his art is truly unique. I am looking forward to my next project with Crayone and encourage you to consider his talents as well."
2 Robots Fighting. Denver, Co.

I was invited to Colorado Crush, a street art event held every year in Denver. While the show consisted of writers putting up only letters, I decided to put up a monochrome with 6 cans of Reds and 6 cans of Pinks. No skinny cap was used in this process. The skill to make thinner line works are produced by cutting up the previous line work with a background color. So in essence, some portions of the wall had to be worked backwards instead of building from the top down. Check my Denver trip video below.

Residential Murals

Bring more artwork into your daily life and home. Crayone offers high-end residential mural paintings for private client’s bedroom, living room, children’s playroom, garage or bathroom. If you are not looking to paint directly on your walls, we offer artwork painted on large canvases or custom mural wallpaper installations.
This is my actual art resume back in 1993 (I haven’t been hired giving these out.) After I graduated from a Graphic Design school in Tempe, Arizona, I went on a Summer job trip to work in Petersburg, Alaska. After visiting the post office and while I was waiting in line, I noticed these posters of the 10 most wanted felons in the country and around the world evading authorities, so I had a creative ah-ha moment. I decided to make my legit resume in this format. Of course it was a parady and many people got a chuckle. When I showed it to my father, he nearly had a fit. I knew I had a winner. I still haven’t received a notice from the State Department to cease and desist with the use of my resume.
Sweat Heroes fitness Center in Vacaville, Ca.

James Prigoff

Mural documenter and publisher of Spray Can Art. 1988, Thames and Hudson

"Early on I was struck not only by his technical proficiency, buy by the creativity and imagination that he displayed. I documented all of his work during that period and included him in my book. I observed the growth and development of his work. His talents and abilities are special. He can make a real contribution to imaginative, colorful, and very distinctive wall decoration."
For some projects, I am hired to renovate old conditions of buildings. Mission Street between 19th and 20th Street. San Francisco, Ca.
One of a few “Renovation” projects.
The Falcon at the Tracks. Berkeley Ca. (RIP Robert Polar. Pictured here.)
Falcon Bird Production in Berkeley Ca.
Crayone and Saze “Falcon production” in Berkeley Ca. Enjoy the video of this production below.

I was invited to paint with a fellow Berkeley graffiti writer named Ajene (SazeAS) (RIP) in which people like Sundance came through to help out with the filling in of colors and designs for us. The client lived in the back of the building and after seeing below than average street art for several years, he got in touch with a local writer which connected him to Ajene and myself.

I was contacted by Felix who is a local artist who got Eskae and myself to produce some works at Nimby. I was able to produce two types of video presentation for this Koi Fish Production. Please check both for they are from different perspectives. NIMBY, Oakland, Ca.
Lincoln High School tennis courts. San Francisco, Ca.

Film/TV & Media

Crayone works with various clients to paint real-time murals during photo/video shoots to be featured in print, digital, social or TV spots. Whatever the project may be, brands and companies trust our expertise to pair the best artist for the job and deliver work within tight timeline.
The better the skills, the more exposure.
Venice Beach Area. “Legends” piece with KrushTWS (RIP).

Judy Anderson

Art Dealer

"Crayone is not only an excellent mural artist in the veil of Diego Rivera, but he completes his projects as designed on time and on budget. I would happily have Crayone complete another project for me."
The first concept the client had was to have me paint about couple of hundred tea jars on a shelf... I objected to this idea and we both agreed that having a panda is not only a better idea but in Chinese culture it brings good luck. I did a quick video of the process. Oakland Chinatown. 9th street off of the 300 Block near downtown Oakland Ca.
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

Chinese New Year Production (Detail)
Chinese New Year Production with NateMPC, ShokWOD and myself (CrayoneTWS). Cypress Alley between 24th and 25th Streets in San Francisco, Ca.
I was called last minute to produce for a mobile video game company during one of the biggest video game industry weekends in San Francisco. I did a live event with a new non-toxic spraypaint. No one got sick during the indoor painting session. The Mezzanine Club. San Francisco, Ca.
I believe it’s now living and breathing inside of someone’s high rise office building. SF, Ca.

Richard Leeds

Art Director of Keyboard Magazine

"Crayone was enthusiastic, creative, eager, and most of all professional. We worked closely together through concept development and final comps. When it was time to paint the mural, Crayone was quick and efficient. Most important, however the finished piece turned out to be better than I had imagined. I would highly recommend Crayone for any position or project."
Dream and I looking at his awe inspiring, “Best of Both Worlds” Production.
RIP (Rest in Power) Dream Memorial Piece on 23rd Yard Tracks. Oakland, Ca.
Another location. RIP DreamTDK. Oakland, Ca.

Graffiti Lectures & Panel Discussions

Crayone can provide lectures on the topic of Bay Area graffiti history and culture. We also can moderate and host panel discussions on the topics of graffiti and street art. Crayone’s work has appeared in SprayCan Art, Graffito, History of American Graffiti, Freight Train Graffiti and a documentary called Piece by Piece.
B-boy Samurai. Enjoy the video of this project. Townsend Alley, San Francisco, Ca.

David Wholey

General Manager

"The vibrancy of the colors combined with the dynamics of the composition perfectly illustrates my style of taste." San Francisco Downtown Attorney- "As a native San Franciscan, I have witnessed the city become overcome by meaningless scrawls and have placed a damper on the City's charm and beauty. That is why it is such a pleasant experience to see graffiti take on an art from that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all. The art no longer consists of 'tags', but true beauty and talent."
Go Team Mo Gym in San Jose Ca.
Susan Cervantes from the Precita Eyes Mural Center, called me to have the opportunity to paint the 8th floor of the new Google building in downtown San Francisco. I got to pick one out of 20 of the most influential Bay Area Legends. I picked out Bruce Lee and the rest is history.
Full view of the Bruce Lee Project.

Lisa Brewer

Artist Representative & Gallery Owner

"I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Crayone over the past 5 years. Crayone is by far one of the most respectful, professional and immensely talented artists of our time. Offering a vast range of design options from wild style graffiti to photo realism executed masterfully. Crayone is my "go to" artist for amazingly unique designs for interiors and exterior murals because of his tremendous talent and proficiency. There is never a job too big for Crayone to design and paint. With a degree in graphic deign, Crayone works wonderfully with the client to show how the mural will present upon completion. One of the "great" artists of our time "Crayone".
In the early 2000’s I was invited to do a Dream RIP production with many of the top Graffiti crews from the Bay Area. Raevyn and I (who represented TWS crew) had to bring out the heavy guns because it was about bringing your best to remember Dream TDK who was the most talented Graffiti artist in the Bay Area at that time.
“CR” abstract piece. I’d was trying to bring back to old 80’s abstract flavor back by just being creative and it was Bills Wheels in Santa Cruz who gave me permission along with several other local writers, to paint his lovely exterior wall. Enjoy the video of this piece below. Santa Cruz, Ca.

Ieanna Cruz

(ReachLocal Inc.)

Rigel Juratovac was not only a pleasure to work with at Jobs & Careers, he had outstanding work ethics that got the job done in a timely and innovative fashion. In creating ads for my clients I would only need to tell him a quick verbal description of what I needed and he easily expedited it to exactly what I had in mind and then some with his own creative twist. At the job fairs, he gave a fresh perspective of what improvements could be made and took care of them.Weather it was poster boards, or structure of the booths he took a creative approach to making it more visually stimulating and organized. He was also very friendly and professional with the clients and prospective clients.
I was called in to do a “graffiti piece” for an art event at Jack London Square in Oakland, Ca. When I showed up ready to put up some graffiti letters, I noticed how it was more of a family event and from there I changed my design to more of a street art piece in which I got many rave reviews. I’m glad I was able to switch it up to an art piece where the viewers can understand. Enjoy the video below. Jack London Square, Oakland, Ca.
If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track, which has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living.

- Joseph Campbell

I was called into helping out an interior designer spice up one of the girls rooms with painting up a dresser in a certain color theme. It was placed inside of a renovated multi-million dollar home near fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco, Ca.
I accumulated hours and hours of raw footage and over 4 hours of edited footage to share with you. When I was selling these Crayone DVD’s to the public, I happened to be at a Chinese resturant and when I received a fortune cookie and when I read it, I noticed it read...
“A long term goal will soon be achieved”...
In 2016, I got hired on as a San Francisco FireFighter at 49 years old. (I’ve been trying to get in since 1989.) I am a prime example of not ever giving up on your dreams.
Abandoned swimming pool. Erotic City Production with Satyr MPC. Treasure island. Ca.
I’ve been trying to get into the San Francisco Fire Department since 1989. I took the tests in 89, 93, 97... after failing to get hired as a San Francisco Fire Fighter, I realized that I had to move on with my art career. In 2006, I reignited my passion to become a firefighter and started to re-tool for a possible new career. While I had a full time job doing Graphic Design, I went back to school for several years. I have to because in order to take the San Francisco Fire Academy, I had to have several Fire Science classes under me. Then I had to take the Emergency Medical Technician course and take the EMT national registry and then take the CPAT (California Physical Agility Test) which is the yearly physical activity test to see if you are fit for the job.
Graduating from SFFD fire academy made my mother very happy. RIP Mom.
She always had a sense of humor!
I was called in to help out with a backdrop for bands, put in effects of panels on the side of a Storm Walker from Star Wars. Plus painting a large scale carpet. I put something together for you to enjoy.
Street Art inside the State Farm Office in the Mission District. San Francisco, Ca.
I was contacted through a different agent to produce an interior mural for a local food chain called Curry Up Now. We did the store in Oakland and then in Palo Alto. It was different for me cause it’s the first time using different mediums instead of just using spraypaint. Wheat paste, Stencil designs and with my spray painting ways definitely gave it a different look and feel from what I was used to.
Curry Up Now. Palo Alto, Ca.
I create a lot lot of Adobe Illustrator graphics. I’m currently doing a hip-Hop family tree. Where I stack up names on top of each other but they also merge, blend and interlock each other creating a dynamic style tagging not many has seen or developed yet. I’m putting these designs on clean plaques, posters and even t-shirts. Below is a video full of tagging designs I did going back a decade or so. Enjoy.
“Just as writing can become calligraphy when it’s creatively, skillfully, and consciously performed, so can all other activities become art. In this case, we are reflecting upon life itself as an artistic statement—the art of living.”

― H.E. Davey, Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation

Helping a fellow artist put some colors onto their vehicle.Richmond Ca.
Final photo. I got Fury DA, Picasso TWS and others involved in this unique gathering of old school talents. Enjoy the video. 7th West. Oakland, Ca.
Hired by a fellow firefighter near Balboa Bart Station. Private residence. San Francisco, Ca.
The Siren Tattoo located in Pacifica where there lives a lady who is very talented and can tattoo your whole body in Magical ways.
Inside a tattoo parlor in Pacifica, Ca. The middle and right portion of the wall was created in 2001.
The Serpent Dragon next to the 24th Street Mural.
I did a hello kitty character on a back of a box truck almost 10 years ago. Because I had many detractors who would of loved to erased my piece thus I didn’t put up my name and for years it ran without any tags on it. Sometimes fame comes at a cost. There are haters in dark corners. My inspiration comes from a truck company called “Mad Dog Trucking” where there is an image of a bull dog on the back of their trucks and I would see them on the freeways a lot. So one day, I had a ah-ha moment and I decided to make my own Mad Dog version of a Cat with S&M spikes sticking out of its neck area. Well anyway, after many laughs on freeway I’m assuming for many years, it finally got tagged on and I went back to put on another internet sensation...Gumpy Cat!
A lot of street artists (Writers) saw this piece and didn’t believe the spray painting technical prowess of this unknown writer... and left it alone... :) 18th and Mission Street. San Francisco, Ca.
The creation of Grumpy The Cat. A lot of people stopped in their cars and yelled out it’s name. i knew I had a hit on my hands. 18th and South Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, Ca.
Grumpy the Cat in all it’s glory.
One of my old cat trucks in the city got tagged on and I since it was valentines days coming up, I had to rep the skunks everywhere. 18th and Mission, San Francisco, Ca.
“I’m Scent-a-Mental”

- Pepe Le Pew

“In that direction,” the Cat said, waving its right paw round, “lives a Hatter: and in that direction,” waving the other paw, “lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they're both mad.” “But I don't want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can't help that,” said the Cat: “we're all mad here.”

- Cheshire Cat

The most awkward means are adequate to the communication of authentic experience, and the finest words no compensation for lack of it. It is for this reason that we are moved by the true Primitives and that the most accomplished art craftsmanship leaves us cold.

- Ananda K Coomaraswamy

TWS reunion production with Mike BamTDK, RaevynTWS, PicassoTWS. Enjoy the video of the event below. NIMBY, Oakland, Ca.
Design off of a SFFD firefighter arm pattern onto his surfboard. View video below. San Jose, Ca.
This was a MPC/TWS production in SOMA. The artists involved are NateMPC, SatyrMPC and myself, CrayoneTWS. Enjoy the making of video. San Francisco, Ca.
Oakland Art Museum.
Final. Oakland Art Museum. Oakland, Ca.
Jewelry, name chain and plaques.
Hiphop denim jackets. Media: Acrylic.
Graffiti jacket for Steelo.
Lifestyle (part2)
Plaque making to a whole new Hip-Hop Family Tree level. The Kutsch Family Tree: Patrick, Virginia, George and Hunter. Email for inquiries...
I have learned this at least by my experiment: That if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

- Henry David Thoreau

PicassoTWS aka Howling Wolf looking at the most purest color combo to ever hit the Emerald Triangle area.
TWS Crew (Together With Style) L to R: Risqué, Bam, Norm, Stylz, Raevyn, Picasso aka Howling Wolf, Estria and Crayone.
- Crayone -


Created By
Rigel Juratovac


Still in progress of being completed. Only in testing stage.