Creating Your Page and Presentation


Review Adobe Spark Page features

Revise speech composition

Group critique activity

Adobe Spark Features: Glide Show

Instead of slides, you can break up your ideas using the "Glide Show" feature

Be careful regarding:

  • Font (size, contrast, sans serif, and readability)
  • Clear transitions between ideas
  • Concision

Adobe Spark Features: Text and Media

You can also add text, pictures, and video without a glide show!

Be careful regarding:

  • Previously mentioned font issues
  • Arrangement of information as you are speaking
  • Media quality (no pixels or watermarks)

a good speaker does not need to have text as a presentation aid. Use Images.

A good speaker also does not need to use videos as part of a speech.

You may include a video on the Adobe Spark page, but do not plan to play it during the speech.

Unless it's from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, because I love that movie.

Part Two: Revise Speech composition

Are your speech and page arranged well for cohesion?

Are each of your main points composed as an argument?

What strategies could you incorporate?

Make notes.

Group Activity

Share your outline with another person

Each person will outline the presentation on the board for their classmate

  • Put BOXES around any parts that help with cohesion
  • Put CIRCLES arounds sections that help with persuasion
  • Make up information that you think is missing, and put WAVY LINES around it.


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