The Beauty Of Germany Die Schönheit Von Deutschland

Germany has always caught my eye as a beautiful country with a beautiful language and all the people I know who are German have been amazing people, therefore, I want to share the beauties of it with you.

German Songs:

(Videos blocked for me)

Halt Dich An Mir Fest - Revolverheld

Das Kann Uns Keiner Nehmen - Revolverheld

Das Beste - Silbermond

Munich Christmas Market

The Munich Christmas market is a huge event at the end of the year, located in Munich, Germany. In 2016, the market was running from the 25th of November to the 24th of December and it will probably have similar/the same dates in 2017 too. At the market, they offer thousands of unique gifts and treats ranging from wood carved toys and glass ornaments to a colorful array of sweets and fresh gingerbread. They also offer workshops for children to make their own cookies and workshops for adults include more skilled things. Some of the other things that are present at the festival are music concerts and the Krampus run. A Krampus is a traditional mythical creature which is said to punish misbehaving children during the Christmas season; this makes children on their best behavior which makes life easier for the adults and gives the children something to work towards during the holidays (or maybe they just really want presents!) but either way, the Krampus run is a fun event at the festival!

After World War 1 and World War 2, Germany improved greatly and are the second most popular destination for immigrants (which saves the immigrants' lives and gives Germany more workers) and their products are widely known for being good quality and standard compared to other places which make more 'junk' and it doesn't last very long.

People also love the place for its scenery and me personally, but there are probably some other people who will agree with me on the fact that I believe the German language is beautiful. Even though it's traditionally more 'rough and tough' I still think the long words are very pretty and sound amazing when someone speaks them, it's also quite impressive because so many of the words are so long!

Currently, the longest German word is Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän which means: Danube steamship company captain.

The other main points that Germany is complemented on are: their beer; their transport (especially cars and trains); their lakes and activities to do with water sports; their bread, their low unemployment rate, festivals/parties and their landmarks and castles. These are all strong points for tourists and the people of Germany as well as all these points (except for the beer, I don't like alcohol) are huge reasons why I love the country!

The three largest cities in Germany are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, all very widely known, even if you don't know the country very well, I guarantee that you would've at least heard of one of these:






Fight for what continues to take you, accept what you can not change and separate yourself from what is pulling you down.
Even the longest path begins with the first step.

By Ellie Anstis


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