Transformation from 8th to 9th By: Megan Swanson

From middle school to high school can be a big step for some people. That step can changes students personality, appearance, and friend choices.

Most people going from middle school to high school go through some changes. Whether it's with them or friends/people around them. At Paso Robles High School, freshman students have their point of view on the matter, as well as faculty members, and others that go to the school. Some of the main things people change about is their appearance, personality, and friend choices. A sophomore student said “ others have chosen the wrong path.” And like choosing the wrong path it can lead into things like “some have become druggies and other like to mess around…” said a student. This is the viewpoints that some students have about other people, and a student said this about themself “ I used to be shy and insecure when I was in 8th grade, I’m getting better through, and am learning to show appreciation.” And other freshman said “I feel like I have found my style more and have become more social.” Students believe that they have gotten better from other grade, but what they view from others are different. By examining these things that others have changed it shows them in a new light from 8th grade.

One of the important thing a person have is their personality. A lot can change with that from their transition into 9th grade from 8th. A survey was taken and 20 out of 21 people pick personality as their first option for what people change most with. Their personality can tell whether if their a good/nice person or not. It can go from snotty and rude to palit and nice or the other way around. “People have nasty attitudes in 9th grade due to being that way in 8th as well” a student said about other students during that range of time.

The other thing is appearance. People can change their appearance just like that. Some decide to cut their hair, or change their style of clothes. A freshman student said this about one of her friends “One of my close friends became more confident from 8th grade to 9th, and changed their appearance, and not to be mean but they look a lot better now.” They can mean that by the person cleaning their act, getting better, changing to make them more comfortable in the new skin that they have made for themself. Changing appearance can be good or bad depending on the person and how they change it.

The other important thing that changes people though the transition is student's friend choice. Some change it for the better, others change it for the worse, it depends on the person. A student said “Some of my innocent friends have started doing drugs due to family and school. others like to "mess around" with other people.” some people use there problems as a excuse to make a friend and do what they feels fit with their new friend. That was how people change friends for the worse, and for the better a student said “ My influences are different now that I know and see different people and go to a different school. That changes a person over time, even though it may not feel like it.” That shows that through the transition the influencers/friends have helped people for the better.

That all shows that the transition through 8th to 9th grade goes through many steps during that certain amount of time. From personality, appearance, and friend choices. All plays a part in the person's life even if they didnt know it. It's also a choice that themself has to create.

These pictures show how people can change in a snap for good and bad, their past self can become a blur and say that none of that matters

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