my house utopia brett h

my mansion

Inside my mansion that is located on top of a mountain that is surrounded by a big city. There is three levels in my mansion, top floor is where all the entertainment is. The top level has all of my TV's, pool tables, games and many other activity's to keep busy and pass the time. All of the walls on the top floor are made of a very thick glass so i can always have a view over the city.

second floor. On the second floor is where the living room, bed rooms and kitchen is located. There is 6 bedrooms and one extra room for my chef to live in, he will cook all of my meals everyday. I have one main living room with furniture placed all facing toward my TV the size of a movie theater screen. The main level will be 40,000 square feet and always have maids cleaning up after me.

bottom level: This will be my garage and pool, I have 1 large and 2 small pools with one hot tub and some slides going into the pool. All of my cars and trucks are kept inside the garage where i have a personal mechanic to always keep my cars in good maintenance

outside of my house: I have a massive garden, with people who are always watering and helping my garden to grow that work inside the garden full time. My backyard is the size of a football field is long and lush green grass. I have my own basketball court inside my backyard so i can practice anytime i want. At the front of my house is a drive way that is 300 meters long that leads to the gate to enter my house.

everyday the weather is a warm 30 degrees Celsius and never rains or is windy, it is always sunny out and not too cloudy, the seasons don't change much it is always summer


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