Norway Home of the vikings

We are leaving Stavanger, Norway after five days in this Scandinavian country. We flew into Oslo, Norway after a 12 hours flight from Seattle With brief change of aircraft in Iceland. We have suffered more intense symptoms of jet lag because we started our trip in the afternoon and the eight hour time zone difference and 20 hours of daylight kept us waking up for several nights. However all is now well and (yawn) back to normal.

Oslo has a wonderful park containing hundreds of sculptures called "Vigeland Park." The nude statues reflect interactions between people of all ages.

We also enjoyed the Viking maritime museum. Restored versions of early Viking boats are on display. The technology the Vikings developed makes it seem only natural that they would have sailed to North America and established colonies hundreds of years before Columbus.

Our travel from Oslo to Bergen was by a 7 hour scenic train journey across Norway. We crossed the glaciers of the central mountains at 3000 feet elevation before dropping back down to sea level. Extensive forests look familiar to folks from Idaho

Bergen is town about the size of Boise with a funicular rail to the top of one of the 9 hills surrounding the harbor. There was periodic light rain while we were there but overall, the weather has been lovely. The best of the year the locals say. They had 26 straight days of rain before we arrived!

Scenes from the fjord near Eifjord

We left Bergen with the intent of staying the night at Eifjord. However high winds diverted us to Stavanger, a one time fishing village for herring, sardines and cod is now the center of North Sea petroleum production

Scenes from Stavanger including our ship, the Viking Star

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