CareAline® NECESSITY is the mother of invention

Each year, 145 million PICC lines and 5 million CVCs are placed in the US. The benefits of these lines come with a high risk of complications including infection and accidental removal, and costing the healthcare industry billions of dollars per year.

When our daughter, Saoirse, was diagnosed with cancer, a PICC was placed within 24 hours. They taped it to her arm and she started scratching and playing with it. They didn't have another solution to offer us.
Scared of what could happen without some kind of protection, I created a sleeve with a button hole and a pocket to keep her line in place, but still allow access for her treatment. She loved it....And so did her nurses!
Her central line was placed 3 weeks later. Her line was hanging near her diaper just waiting to find a dangerous infection.
I drew from the sleeve idea to create a chest wrap to keep her lines safe, and away from her diaper! They were out of sight, out of mine, and she was free to play and be a KID!
CareAline® was created as a way to get these desperately needed products into the hands of patients everywhere!
A Clinical Trial done at Children's Hospital of Colorado in 2014 showed dramatic results : While patients were wearing our products, their accidental pull out rate went from 23% to 0%! We completely ELIMINATED accidental dislodgment - a MAJOR complication of PICC and CVC lines in patients.
And our products aren't just for kids. Adults need the safety and comfort that we provide so they can live their normal every day lives.
"They help keep the kids fingers off the line and not "picking" at the dressing. Helps keep the dressing intact which in turn helps with dislodgement and infection."

- Nurse H. F., Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO

We have over 20 hospitals currently using our products on some, or all, of their patients, and have many hospitals who have approved our products for use, if funding (private,or payer) can be found to cover the costs.
We were assigned our DME code in July 2017

We are PROUDLY made in FALL RIVER, MA, with USA sourced materials and components!

Everyday, we hear from our customers how much our products have changed their lives!
From being able to get a puppy....
To freely playing outside on his bike....
To just being able to be home with his little brothers!

CareAline® Sleeves and Wraps are giving patients the FREEDOM to LIVE SAFELY!

We have created an Effective Line Management solution that lowers the risk of complications, saves hospitals and patients money, and most importantly improves patient outcomes.

Partner with us to make these desperately needed products standard of care for ALL patients with PICC lines and Central Lines. And be part of our team as we expand our product line to help even more patients!

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