Localift Helping football parents share LIfts

Lifts with people you know

A solution for busy football parents helping manage and share lifts to training and games

Localift is a carpooling App making it easy to manage and share free lifts between family and friends - people you know and trust.

Traffic congestion and parking problems are a common theme on the Northern Beaches, especially on game days
Football training 'drop offs' and 'pick ups' often pose a challenge for busy parents. Localift makes it easy to share lifts helping parents get their children to training when they are not able to.
Weekend games are a nightmare! Traffic congestion and parking problems creating havoc for families and the community. Localift helps you share lifts reducing the number of cars in and around the grounds.
Available in iOS and Android
Localift makes it easy to offer and request free lifts from people you know and trust . No more emails or awkward texts and phone calls.
Its not always easy getting everyone where they need to be!

About Localift

One App to manage all your lift needs

Millions of lifts happen every week without an easy way of arranging them.

  • Lifts to school and sport
  • Car pooling to school, work or college
  • Lifts for the elderly and people with disabilities

Sharing lifts often requires multiple awkward texts, phone calls or emails. Localift's App makes it easy to ask for help and share lifts within your trusted community.

Localift facilitates Lift Requests and Lift Offers. Pickups and drop offs can be organised, scheduled and shared amongst family, other netball parents, friends, carers and neighbours.

Inviting other parents to join Localift and share lifts is easy. Lift groups can be created for each child's needs, ensuring requests and offers go to the right people.

If you have spare seats in your car, Localift's 'Offer Lift' function makes it easy to co-ordinate how many seats are available. Other parents simply accept the Offer and let you know where they would like their child picked up. Localift counts down the available number of seats and notifies other parents when you car is full. Our mapping automatically optimises your route for pick ups and drop offs.

Localift delivers a simple App making it easy to share lifts, supporting reduction in traffic, parking and congestion for sporting communities and neighbourhoods

Your child's safety is important

We place a high value on safety and have designed Localift to provide parents and carers key functionality to arrange and track lifts easily. Here are some of our safety features:

  • Lifts are with people you know, other football parents, friends, family, carers and neighbours
  • Lift groups are private. You can only join a lift group by invitation or by creating a lift group of your own with people you trust
  • All lifts on behalf of children are tracked so you always know where your loved ones are if they are travelling with someone else
  • If you find a parent in your lift group that you do not know or trust you can block them. They will never see your lift requests for offers and you will not see theirs.
Localift's live tracking and notifications ensures you always know where loved ones are. Be ready to greet them on arrival or know they've safely reached their destination.

Making it simple and safe for anyone in the world to do what matters to them

When you use Localift your family, friends and neighbours are the drivers and passengers and all lifts are free! All the benefits of a sophisticated taxi App without the safety concerns or cost

How Localift Works

Need a lift?

Simply select your destination and request a lift from the people you know and trust. It's easy to organise lifts for yourself and your family.

Spare seats?

If you have room for others, invite friends to join you. Help reduce traffic congestion and have fun on the way.

Groups make life easier

Create different groups for work, school, sport or anything! With a single tap, your requests and offers go to the right people. Simplify your life by creating groups for every need.

Peace of mind

Localift's live tracking lets you see where you family and friends are at all times. Peace of mind when others are giving your loved ones a lift.

Organise multiple lifts

Schedule and manage who's driving when, easily.

Always remember lifts

All lifts are saved in Localift You'll even receive reminder notifications.

Lifts with people you know

For more information please contact

Krystyna Weston



+61 418 240 040

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