CANADA IN 2041 How To Make Canada A Better Place By 2041

Population & Demography

In Canada we have an aging population due to the baby-boomer generation beginning to age meaning the death rate is also rising but the birth rate isn't increasing because there hasn't been a large increase in people having babies because the cost of living in Canada is higher than it used to being the baby-boomer era .In the future we will see lots more elderly people being admitted to hospitals and mass amounts of people claiming their pension. People in Canada tend to retire between the ages of 65-75 meaning they will stop working, the baby-boomers all claiming there pension, needing access to good health care systems and afford able living this all requires money we won't have because the post baby boomer era population won't be as big and the economy will crash.

Projected population pyramid in 2050 showing that most of the population will be 80+ and it also shows that the population will drop dramatically

But since we know what can happen in the future we can plan ahead in and plan it out. Canada has different types of immigrants like business and skilled workers, family related immigrants and humanitarian (when they are fleeing political unrest). We can build on those and try to attract more nurses and doctors along with younger demographics to help us increase the amount of younger population and help prevent a future healthcare crisis. We will also have to raise taxes because the cost for building more hospitals and nursing homes will take a toll on the already crumbling economy.

How much we pay on Average per age group in health care and as Canada's population we will have to pay much more for health care.

This will make Canada more sustainable because the economy would have some support versus if we didn't the economy would crash because there would be drastically less input to the economy and bringing nurses will make sure that the elderly can live longer and be able to access health care.

St Lawrence Lowlands

The St Lawrence Lowlands are one of 6 Land form regions in Canada. The St Lawrence lowlands have layers of sedimentary bedrock because the land used to be covered in Glaciers but the rocks constantly weathered and eroded to create sedimentary bedrock recently we have been loosing a lot of different species, the glaciers are melting and contributing to higher sea levels due to global warming, also due to global warming there are a lot more droughts making the ground less fertile and since the lowlands are home to many farms and dairy farms and finally the water is being moved and used to mine oil for energy usage in Canada. All these factors are impacting the way we used the land and water but here are a few ways we can improve that.

Due to weathering and erosion the bits of rock settled and created sedimentary bedrock

We can have the government protect the land as a nature preserve because then all the mining companies have to go through a longer process and pay a larger amount back for damaging the land. This will also help preserve the freshwater helping keep the land fertile and decrease the amount of carbon emissions. This will protect the land form region because with out it people would continue to abuse the land and produce multiple times the carbon emissions because any company with government consent can mine that oil which produces emissions and uses freshwater supply and then we will also use the oil contributing even more carbon emissions and changing the climate in the lowlands even more

The government preserves the land for either geographic or climate change reasons

Resources And Industries

Canada's trades mostly consists of natural resources like Oil,Uranium, Coal etc. Since Canada trades so many resources we have become dependent on trades with other countries that the supply is not able to keep up with the demand and therefore the resources is no longer sustainable. Uranium is in the top ten resources that we trade with other countries but recently we haven't been able to trade as much because we don't as much of a supply anymore. This affects us because we are looking land that could be used for vegetation and habitats for animals are being lost. The process of mining Uranium mining uses freshwater and then the uranium is then taken and used to cool nuclear plants which pollutes the air even more.

Here is how in-situ uranium mining works

All of those factors are harming or health, the planet and eventually our economy so here are some suggestions to prevent this situation from getting worse. Instead of constantly using oil why don't we use Bio-fuels and ammonia. All 3 of those fuels don't need to be mined and can be made with naturally occurring ingredients like soybeans, sesame, animals fats etc. As for uranium we can use another element called thorium. Thorium can be accessed like Oil and accessed like uranium but when used doesn't give off as much pollutants and we have an abundance of it also we can use more solar power so we don't have to mine as much. The use of these cleaner resources will help slow down the process of global warming Slightly, keep more of the freshwater and keep the land safe for vegetation and habitats.

This represents how much uranium and coal would be need to be equivalent to thori

Liveable Communities

Communities need many things to be sustainable like infrastructure, access to clean water and electricity, waste management and transportation, but recently our water and electricity consumption has jumped significantly in the past few years and due to that the water supply is becoming less sustainable 63% of the ground water has been used for hydroelectricity, we can start to lose on of our other trades (fisheries), we create hydroelectricity by when the water falls for example in Niagara Falls the pressure and flow-rate of the falls goes through this converter that converts that pressure in to power, Finally when you are mining natural resources you use fresh water during the process and the access ground water tends to fall in the pits and pick-up contaminates that would be harmful for human consumption.

how hydro electricity pumps works. takes water in and stores it in a reservoir then it goes through a gate control followed by a turbine that trans forms the water into power and then through the power lines and the water is released through the out flow.

The solution to these issues are simple we can by preserving water when we aren't using it like brushing our teeth, fixing leaky faucets. little initiatives go a long way we can make it more appealing to the citizens of Canada by giving small rebates if there net water usage over the year decreases every year.

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