The sun just rose and I was skipping excitedly down the street, hoping that my friends hadn't forgotten me. I showed up at Lincoln Park, when I see nothing but a basketball, and a note under the basketball.

I pick up the basketball and then I rip open the note. It read




After I read the letter, my eyes were as open as a person’s mouth eating a 1 pound hamburger. I was shocked with what my eyes just saw and read. I have this secret that only my friends know about and it is, that iḿ a secret criminal investigator. I watch Chicago PD whenever they come out with a new episode.

“Aha!” I will use my crime kit that I have at home to find my friends. I try to think of where my friends could be. I think of the arcade that we always go to on Friday nights. I show up at the arcade and find nothing but my high score still on the Pacman machine.

Next, I look at the movie theater. I walk up to the movie theater doors and see a commercial playing for Steph Curry’s new shoes ( Curry’s 3). I find nothing at all in the movie theater.

I go to the grocery store and go in our favorite section, the candy section. Sure enough, there is another note on my favorite candy (Jolly Rancher Chews), this time it read:


I heard your name was Hope. I’m Steph Curry and your friends are MINE! If you would like your friends back, meet me at Lincoln Park at 4:00pm sharp. You’ll see what will happen.”

I don’t even know what to say right now. My friends got kidnapped by NBA All-Star Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors!



Since it’s already 3pm, I decide to go to the river and wait until it’s time to meet Steph at Lincoln Park. I sit on the bench, looking out towards the river. The river was beautiful, the sun glistened off of the river, and the ducks just swam nicely in the water. It was just a beautiful sight to see.

Time swooped by very quickly and it was already 3:45. I headed to Lincoln Park, and as I approached the court, no one was there. So I picked up the basketball and started shooting around, and all of a sudden I hear from behind the big oak tree someone says,

“That shot won’t beat me in a game of 1v1.” All I’m thinking right now is what the heck is he talking about?

“What?” I say. Steph says again

“Play me on 1v1 to get your friends back.” Without questioning, I quickly check the ball and the first person to 5 points win.

I made a move and stepped back for a shot and of course I SWISHED it! 1-0! Time passes and the score is 4-3 and Steph has the ball, he drives to the bucket and dunks it right over me. 4-4, I check the ball for the last time, and I shoot a 3 for the win…...Time freezing! All I can think to myself is

“Good form, good spin on the ball, feet are squared, I used my legs, it’s in the hoop!” The ball drops in the hoop and is a perfect SWISH!!!


Bree, Emily, Emily, Lily, and Payton all run onto the court to celebrate my victory with me. I could never be happier to have beat the greatest basketball player (shooter) on 1v1 and have my friends back!

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