Catalina 2021 Day and Night

Cuties walk out to prepare for their show. Smiles are seen on their faces while waving their synchronized hands

Kendall Hamm, Ellyn Skodack, Claire MacDonald, and Catalina president Emerson Rosenberg dance to the song “Beautiful Nightmare,” by Beyonce for their 2020 Officers dance. (picture of all the officers)

While the show is coming to an end all the dancers take a seat at the edge of the pool while the officers give out awards such as best tan lines (Grant Engelsman) and catalina cutie (Laurel Tolliver).

As tradition four officers are elected from both boys and girls groups. Runners for the officer title patiently waiting at the edge of the pool side to hear the announcements.

2021 boys officers are Chase Laymen, Xander White, Sam Timmer, and president Colin Kelly. Passing down objects like the speedo of success and the strainer of strength to the boys as good luck for the next catalina show.
Girls picked for officers for the 2021 shows are Julia Kapala, Amelia Segroves, Veda Vargas, and president Claire Duplissis. The past officers gave heartfelt speeches to each of the newly elected officers as they passed their crown onto the new generation.


Megan Voorhees