Tour of the Harn Jackie Kahn

El Anatsui, Old Man's Cloth

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist: As soon as you walk into the Harn Museum, this giant aluminum and copper wire art piece is aligned to the wall for all of the art observers to see. Seeing a picture of Old Man's Cloth does not resemble the enormity and detail of the sculpture. Seeing this in person allows you to see how detailed artists can make their work since each piece of aluminum was different from the next. I thought it was unique to incorporate various pieces of aluminum (one of which clearly labeled my brother's name!) and sculpt them to form dimension to the artwork. This artwork, despite the variety, seemed very clean and put together, which I enjoyed. Looking at this piece, it was one I will remember because of the size and coloration that is very pleasing to the eye. This artwork made me feel impressed.

Modern Collection

Design of the Museum: One of my favorite collections at the Harn was the Modern Collection. Throughout the museum, I truly enjoyed the sleek and minimalist look since it draws a lot of attention to the paintings and art pieces. I enjoyed most of the paintings in the Modern Collection exhibit because they were very colorful and satisfying to look at. Naturally, I enjoy looking at paintings rather than other art pieces because I believe paintings are the true "original" art and the Modern Collection was filled with many of those. I like how the Modern Collection exhibit had a few paintings on each wall, with little pieces of furniture and objects in the room. I also liked how the walls were blank, often the color white, and the paintings were in very decorative frames that often exemplified the colors in the painting. The spotlight lighting also highlighted the different colors in the painting to accentuate the hidden meanings in the artists' work. Overall I felt very calmed walking through this exhibit reading all the placards and studying each of the paintings.

Guerrilla Girls, Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? Update, 2012, Print, Museum Purchase, funds provided by the Caroline Julier and James G. Richardson Acquisition Endowment

Art and Core Values: The Guerrilla Girls exhibit was one of my favorite exhibits at the Harn because feminism is an important discussion and issue in the world, especially America right now, and it is an important issue to me. The Guerrilla Girls highlight this issue, specifically about women artists, and depict it through all of their works. Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? artwork is one of my favorite pieces, not only because of the size of the artwork, but also the message that is behind it. The factual evidence, coloration, and imaging they use for all of their artworks, especially this one, makes an impact for anyone who sees it. It makes it hard for people to deny the truths behind these artworks. The artwork instills an annoyance and anger when looking at the messages because there is not a reason why the factual evidence they provide should be the way it is. It verifies that this is an issue I believe in and makes me feel motivated to fix this issue.

Justine Kurdland, Sheep Wranglers

Art and the Good Life: As soon as I saw Sheep Wranglers by Justine Kurdland, I immediately thought it provoked the ideology of the good life. The trees, grass, sunlight, and ease of the children all depict aspects of the good life, meaning to be satisfied. The children seem happy and carefree on a nice, sunlit spring or summer day. The ease given off from the painting makes me want to achieve that calm and soothing lifestyle and makes me appreciate the children finding that lifestyle in their setting.

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