Cat case 1989

In 1989- Northumberland, PA

  • 19- year old Lori Ann Auker disappears
  • After not being at work, her car was found the next day in the parking lot of the Susquehanna Mall- where the pet place was located
  • Found with multiple stab wounds: 2 1/2 weeks after disappearance
  • Suspected Robert Auker


  • Police didn't have enough evidence at first to charge Robert Auker
  • Thought there would be photographic evidence of crime, however, problems with tape
  • FBI experts matched a car she got into on the day of the disappearance
  • Matched to Robert's father's 1984 Celebrity-which he had been using on the day she peaced out
  • Hairs found in the car matched those of Lori's pet cat
  • In biopsy, analysis for insect activity
  • Found Larve

How Animal Hair is Analyzed

  • determining the chemical makeup of the hair or extracting DNA from the hair follicle
  • They look at the hair cuticle, follicle and make up of the hair and can tell the difference between animal and human
  • Once you look at the origin of the hair you can trace it to the source and what cat it can be found from.
  • If they took a sample from her cat and looked at the results with the hair found in the car they could tell it was the same cat


  • After hair analysts proved, he was convicted of Murder
  • Sentenced to death

Reflections of life

  • Trace evidence was the hair and it impacted it by bringing the ability to do hair analysis
  • Hair analysis impacted it because it was able to trace the husband to the murder


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