Penguins Cuteness in Danger

Penguins live in cold environment. They live in such places as Antarctica. This so called bird is flightless so it can't fly its way to freedom of the melting ice caps.

Global Warming is when the greenhouse gases trap the heat from the sun and heats the earth. Sometimes there is too much heat and melts the ice in Antarctica. Not only that it affects all ice.

Now back to our subject.

3 ways global warming affects Penguins:

  • First of all it takes away the land penguins need.
  • Secondly penguins won't have any land to slide in to get away from predators
  • Lastly it leaves no room for penguins to jump off from to catch some fish


Created with images by girlart39 - "antarctica ice caps" • Pexels - "animal avian bird"

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