Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature in Ethics: As I was walking through the exhibit, I began to realize how many beautiful things the world has to offer. I would see how colorful the frogs were and the different types of frogs and realized that we take everything for granted. This exhibit caught my attention because of the live animals. Seeing these wonders showed me that we have to care for the world that we live in.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This exhibit taught me even centuries later we can still relate and understand past humans. It helps us see the way people lived a while back while still being in the present. This helps us understand our roots and how we have progressed from these old times. This exhibit helps me realize that the world we live in is beautiful.
Nature and Ethics: Seeing the Butterfly Rainforest demonstrated our job to protect the beautiful word we call home. I was absolutely amazed as I was walking through the rainforest. There were so many different kinds of butterflies and such variety that it teaches that it is our responsibility to care for what we have.

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