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Following some intial research I decided that the two digital tools I could choose from to create my presentation were Microsoft Powerpoint and Emaze. Below, I have described some of the features of both and justified my final decision.


Emaze is a great online presentation tool with many themes and configurations to choose from to create a professional presentation quickly and easily.

The software allows users to save anything they make to their personal account, which can be loaded up from anywhere they have internet access. It allows users to quickly and easily create graphs and tables without leaving the page, and displays the data well. Emaze allows users to easily insert pictures to their presentations, and features an onscreen search bar which means unlike Powerpoint, you do not have to leave the page in order to find a particular picture.

One the other hand, I found Emaze to be limited in regards to the font styles on offer compared to Powerpoint. I thought that Emaze was fairly hard to actually find particular features as each button is not labelled, and the mouse has to be hovered over each button to see what it does. This is time consuiming and sometimes frustrating. Finally, as Emaze was dependant on an internet connection, there was always a risk that the work could be lost if the internet connection fails.

Microsoft Powerpoint

I found that Powerpoint offered a lot more features than Emaze, and had various configurations regarding each feature. For example, slide transitions can be configured to change which way the transitions comes from. Having used Microsoft programs for a long time, I was fairly familiar with the layout of Powerpoint and where each feature was, so this did bias my decision slightly due to more experience using Powerpoint than using Emaze. The range of font styles, and how that font can be edited is substantial, allowing users to create a fully personalised powerpoint that appear exactly as they want. There is a wide range of animations available to use compared to Emaze, and each animation can be configured to the users needs.

After assessing the features of the two software packages described above, I decided to use Microsoft Powerpoint to create my presentation. One main reason why I chose Powerpoint was it ease of use and familiarity. Another reason was for the range of features and its configurability, meaning each slide could be different to the next. The fact that Emaze was dependant on an internet connection was one of the key reasons why I chose not to use it to create my presentation.


One of the devices I could have used to create my presentation was a tablet. These are portable and give the user the ability to work practically anywhere. Tablets require an wireless internet connection to access the internet, which can limit its capabilities. One downside of using a tablet is that the touchscreen aspect limits it functionality, as copy and pasting and doing other simple things can sometimes become hard when using a tablet. Another downside would be the size of the screen on a tablet, as the screen is only small this can cause eyestrain after prolonged use.

A PC was the other option I had to create my presentation and was the option that I chose for various reasons. One main reason was that PC's are always connected to the internet and do not require a wireless connection. The keyboard and mouse of a PC is a lot easier to use over a long period of time. Finally, the much larger screen on a PC enables users to have more than one window open at a time, increasing productivity.

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