Wonders of Lacrosse By Brayden S


Have you ever wanted to know more about lacrosse than you already do then this is for you.

What types of gear.

What type of padding. Well you first need to go to a store to buy the gear. So then when you get the store you want to look for best gear but your parents want the cheap stuff so there is a type of gear that is both good and cheap. Rabil next gear. You might be wondering what is the best brand well Powell is the best in my opinion but also warrior stuff too. That's what type of gear is best to buy.

Throwing/catching/Best stick

The best stick without a doubt is Powell only because they are made of the best metal for a stick titanium.What store to go to that’s easy go to sports page. They have the best selection of lacrosse and hockey stuff.Learning how to throw is probably the easiest thing you’ll ever learn. You just put your stick back and then push forward and yeah you did it.Learning to catch is the hardest thing to do in lacrosse,it's all about eye coordination so put the stick where you think the ball is going. It’s just like catching a ball with your hands except your hands are a stick. These are the best sticks and easiest ways to throw and catch.

Getting in on it/dodging

You sign up by going to your nearest school and getting a flyer and then signing up online.You do tricks by flipping your stick. It has to land in the perfect place or it won't work.You do dodges anyway you want but i'll tell you the way I do then. So first I go right foot then left foot then I run to the right like pitter patter stepping. These are the easiest ways to sign up.


So the first position is midfield that’s what i play it also is one of the most important because they have to win faceoffs and score. Faceoffs are things where two of the players from different teams do a thing where the ball is put in the midline and the two player go on either side then they put their sticks down and the fight for it. Then there is the attack which dodge and score. Then there is defence which is the second most important because they have to protect the goal keeper. Then the most important the goal keeper because he has to save the shots from going in our goal. These are all of the positions.

Paul Rabil

My personal favorite lacrosse player is the best one in the game his name is paul rabil. He is known for his dodges and hard shots. He also has the fastest shot in the world right now which is 111. He also plays for the New York Lizards our team, also my favorite team. He makes his own sticks and gear. They are called Rabil Next. Paul Rabil has his own youtube channel to tell you some of the stuff you might not know. His youtube channel is called paul rabil or rabil experience. He also plays for team USA. He plays midfield like me but he goes in after the faceoff. These are all of the facts about Paul Rabil.

Things about it

Some things about lacrosse is it is the “fastest sport on two feet” you can find that on the US lacrosse site because all you do is literally run up and down the field chasing a rubber ball. Another thing is “lacrosse is a combination of speed,skill,agility,grace,teamwork, and it is historical”. It is the fastest growing sport in the USA. The native americans called it “stick ball” and it was also invented by them. Lacrosse is mostly played in Canada, New york,Australia,UK,Baltimore,and New England. Lacrosse used to be a olympic sport but it was getting too dangerous. These are some of the facts about lacrosse.


There is such thing as girls lacrosse. It is so much different from boys in boys you can check people and ram but in girls you can’t do that all you can do is is check their stick. Also no helmets no chest pad no elbow pads and no gloves. In girls lacrosse the only thing you have to protect you is goggles and mouthguard. These are the differences between the two.

What it’s about

Lacrosse is a team sport where you have to move the ball down the field and try to score. Also you have to defend your goal and try to stop the other team from scoring. Also you don’t just play kids in your area you play kids from bethlehem,still water,shenendehowa and different schools i’ve never even heard of. Also you can do this thing called rogue summer camp where you go and play against 6 and 7 grader because they are moderate teams like you. This is what it is about.


The rules of the game is really complicated first rules is in some games there is no body checking (ramming into other people). The second rule is no push from behind which is grabbing your stick and pushing on they're back. Then there is no slapping ther hand with your stick unless they have the ball then you can do it. Then there is no cross checking which is putting one hand on one side of the stick and the other on the other side you have to put them together. Then there is something I hate which is crease violation which is when you going in the crease of the other team. These are most of the rules.

Parts of the field

The first part of the field is most important out of bounds which is the line (where if the ball goes out it's the other teams now.) Another one is important to its the mid field line because it separates the teams also that's where you do face offs. Then there's the crease which you don't want to step in it because the ball goes to the other team. Side lines are the worst if you really like the game. Its when you either get subbed or time out or half time. These are the parts of the field.


These the things you need to know about lacrosse.`




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