French Revolution A time of change

The storming of the Bastille
The French Revolution was a time of change, inspired by the American Revolution and a want for the abolishment of the French Monarchy.

The French Revolution was bound to happen due to the ignorance of the monarchy, and the greed of the royalty. The poverty was made poorer by heavy taxes while clerics and the rich remained untouched and wealthy. The third estate filled with the majority of, if not all of abused city dwellers were becoming vexed and were at the breaking point. While the peasants were planning to revolt enlightenment was helping push the idea. The final push toward the Revolution was the economic crisis putting stress on France, due to the borrowing, and lavish living of the Royalty France was in a grand debt causing taxpayers to have to pay even more. Even with this being said the French men and women in the 1st and 2nd Estates refused to pay and contribute to rid the country of its debt.

Napoleon portrayed as a genuine hero

Napoleon Bonaparte a foreigner that raise through the ranks from the bottom eventually to become emperor of France, until meeting his demise at waterloo. Through a different way of thinking Napoleon created fantastic strategies. His innovative thinking changed battle plans forever.

Napoleon relied on his image, since the beginning of his upcoming how he was portrayed by others was important. He wanted them to see him as the hero he wanted to be, and when they did he could use them. Through the lack of communication he could cover up any foul play and continue to be the man that France needed.

A man that could change so much from true humble beginnings. That is who Napoleon is and will be remembered as through time.

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