Gathering Blue Ariana Dickerson

Exemplary EvaluatorMay 4

  • She was born on March 20, 1937 in Hawaii.
  • She won the Newbery Award twice for two of her books.
  • Her books are the most popular in Children books in America.
  • She was around 8 when she wanted to become a writer.
  • She always moved around the place for her dads work.
  • Graduated from the New York City high school.
  • Dropped out of Brown University to get married after two years of being there.
  • Married a Naval officer in the military career at the age 19.
  • She has four children Alix, Kristin, Grey and Ben.
  • Decided to finish college and got her Bachelors Degree in Maine.
  • Made a book based on her sisters death called, A SUMMER TO DIE.
  • She also made a book called Autumn Street based on her own life.
  • Wrote called NUMBER THE STARS about the Nazis and WWll
  • Her son died in a plane crash in the Air Force.
  • Wrote a book based on her grand daughter about her life with her father.
  • Lowry is a very skilled photographer.
  • She died at the age 80
  • Her zodiac sign is pisces
  • Her maiden name is Lois Ann Hammersberg
  • Lowry named herself a accomplished freelance journalist
  • She likes to garden and knit
  • She enjoys reading memoirs and biographies
  • Lowry goes on adventurous trip in exotic places
  • All her novels are about all different varieties of genres
  • Based on individuality the importance of memorization and freedom

Connection Builder May 3

In some cities or towns and schools they only want perfect people. Not disabled people that can't walk or stand. Like in the book Kira is against the rules because she has a crooked leg. Or not smart enough to work in a area with smart people. In the book the higher class people get better treatment, better food, and better clothing. They also only allow people of perfect health and the people in the book they all some sort of sickness or disease. EXTRA CREDIT: To prevent this you can build a school that's just for the "normal" people. Not for the people that think they're better than everyone. Even just try to make a law that allows all sorts of people in every school or place they want to be.

Character Captain May 2

Word Wizard May 1

Literary luminary April 28

Discussion Director April 26

  • 5 Things about the antagonist: The crippled people were either put to death or in danger because the Guardians didn´t allow it. It relates to Hitler because he put people in camps if they had something wrong with them. They could be put to death for being really different.In the book people were put in the woods for being too old like Hitler didn´t want old people because they couldn´t work well. Also just put them to death because they´re a waste of space.
  • 7 Things about the protagonist: In real life the author related the book too her granddaugther as Kira. Her father had died in a US Air Force plane crash just like Kira´s dad died but in the woods trying to fight. Both of their fathers died when they were really young. Kira´s culture was roman catholic beliefs or even christian. Propaganda would be telling them that there are no beasts even if everyone believes there is. The treatment there was terrible they didn´t give the people lots of food they just got scraps and were treated like dogs. After the gathering Kira had figured out her father wasn´t dead or taken by beasts by taken by the people that have been thrown out by the Guardians.

Connection Builder April24

Me and Kira are the same because we always do the opposite of what we're supposed to do. When doing that we're doing that because what they told us to do was wrong. We go on adventures to closed off places and think outside the box. By figuring out the problem and how we can fix it. Also by getting the extra help we really need and going there every time you can.

Exemplary Evaluator April25

This way of propaganda will help people be on my side because it shows the truth but with a lie in it. Putting something that will make them sad because everyone knows that that isn't right. When you make the words more emotional it will get to all the peoples hearts. That will make them feel bad and want to do something about it. Then when people read it and feel bad the things will change for the better.

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