Red Dog A Film Review

What is it about?

The film, "Red Dog" (2011), directed by Kriv Stenders, is a fun, tear-jerking family film about an Australian Kelpie named Red Dog. This film is based on a true story where Red Dog has no true owner, but is a dog for everyone.


The people of Dampier describe Red Dog (Koko) as "a dog for everyone". On one hot day, an American named John Grant (Josh Lucas) came into town to work as a bus driver, and on that day, Red Dog had found his true master. Red Dog attempted on many occasions to make contact with John. After John walks in on the townsfolk doing something unacceptable to Red Dog, he finally takes Red Dog as his own.

"The film is more a string of episodes than a story: Josh Lucas doesn't bring much personality to his central role, and John's relationship with his love interest Nancy (Rachael Taylor) never comes to life",


The legend of Red Dog; a red kelpie who united a mining town in North Western Australia, but was loyal to only one man. Who, when that man disappeared, travelled all around the western region of Australia to find him.

The newspaper page about the real "Red Dog".

is it worth the time?

Yes, definitely! Sit down with your friends and family and watch this amazing film, but make sure you have tissues with you... This movie gets a solid 5/5, with a few tears of course.

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