7 Open Letters By: LeEann, Katie, and Jordan

Paris (France)

There’s not one specific place people can go to in order to feel a deeper meaning about something.

Sorrento (Italy)

Clear crystal waters can represent the love one has for God, beautiful and pure.

Calgary (Canada)

God has made the earth beautiful and pollution free.

Columbus (Mississippi)

Even though you are small, you are strong in God.

South Pass City (Wyoming)

God can be seen even in the most vacant places.

Flagstaff (Arizona)

God’s presence can be shown in nature.

Rio (Brazil)

You have shown how monumental God is in our lives.

Reflection: All the places that were chosen can relate to our feelings towards our faith. You can praise God no matter where you are. In Paris, many people go to see the Eiffel Tower and it symbolizes something special to those people. When people go to mass, they feel that special connection with God. This message is important because it shows that places can have a deeper and sentimental meaning than what they are perceived to be. In Sorrento, the ocean water is beautiful and very pure. This relates to God because the way God is is beautiful, and he himself is pure. This message is important to express beauty and peace. In Calgary, there is little pollution and it is a clean place. God intended the world to be free of pollution in people, or free of sin. In Columbus, the buildings there are very close together. This represents the strong bonds between people. It represents Christians; they are close with each other and God. In South Pass City, no matter what amount of people are together, their faith can still be very strong. In Flagstaff, there is much beautiful nature and this represents God because this is what he created. The people of God are beautiful people, in their heart, mind, and soul. Rio is a large city, and it is very monumental to millions of people. Rio is kind of like God; he is a big part of our lives and always has a strong value in our hearts.

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