Journey Log 9 Jared Gentry

Jared Gentry

jay gent

Journey log 9

April 10th, 2017

This week in class, we split into groups and began the raid we chose. I chose to do the minecraft technical manual first due to initial issues with buying the minecraft license. We immediately began assigning roles and came to a consensus regarding what we were all wanting to accomplish and include in the manual. Because this was a group project, openness was probably the most necessary habits of mind used this week. Each team member had to communicate and cooperate to ensure everything got done.

Responsibility was also a big habits of mind required, due to the assignment of a certain page to each team member that needed to be completed by a certain time. Each team member's effort was needed to achieve the best grade possible. We also had to be flexible to the leader's opinions and suggestions, given that he orchestrates the whole project. Together, these habits of mind have been used and will continue to be used to complete the manual. I am excited for finishing this raid and the other raids we have the rest of the semester.

Bard Creative Piece:

How to Write a Minecraft Technical Manual: The Manual

1. Organize into groups to being project

2. Elect or agree on a leader to orchestrate group ideas and manage progress

3. Share each member's strengths/weaknesses to reduce errors and maximize productivity

4. Consider the approach, the ideal rhetoric of this manual, and the audience when thinking of ideas.

5.Create a small summary/outline of all material needed to be discussed in the manual.

6. Have the leader assign roles or vote for who does what.

7. Set deadlines for each section of the manual so that procrastination is eliminated and that progress is guaranteed.

8. Once the ideal manual is completed, have each member peer review each other's collective work and make any necessary suggestions/revisions.

The end


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