Story down the walls a Reflection from my point of view

Telling stories isn’t just about gathering a lot of intel and information and putting it together with a plot. It’s more about building relations and seeing things from different perspectives. Trying to see this week with an overall view; I think my favorite part is how the program was built by the trainers and how it’s presented. Generally starting of a week with teambuilding exercises and a mutually agreed upon contract is always comforting because it is a sign of a common law that we all have to follow.

The way the sessions help us to put everything into action makes it not only more memorable but less intimidating when you are put in a situation where it is needed. learning to see things from a journalist’s point of view teaches you how to gather your thoughts. You find yourself to be more professional, structured and prepared to meet new obstacles.

‘’What kind of questions are relevant, what is ethically and morally okay to ask and is there a story to elaborate on?’’ These aren’t just things that are only used for a carrier in journalism. It shows us that sometimes we need to ask ourselves, ‘’is this important for me and my story(life) or is this one non-impactful event of many’’.

Overall view - Taken from the plane right before I landed in Cluj

A lot can change in one week. Traveling, learning, putting tasks into practice, meeting new cultures and new people are just a few examples on what affects us as humans. Always expect the unexpected and know that everything big stems from something small. Different stories and perspectives can change the way we not only see ourselves, but also our own stories as well as others and the world we live in.

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