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Post Pi Day Recovery

The FGT Pi Face Challenge

Ready For A Month Of Pi(e)

To everyone who shared our campaign on social media, donated, or got pied: Thank you! To those of you gathering your supplies for pieing: We’re so excited to see your videos! For the remainder (math pun) of March, FGT is embracing the sweet messiness of our Pi Face Challenge and encouraging you to do the same. We’re using this campaign to spread awareness of FGT and our goal: to empower the children in our community. Education is an essential part of that empowerment -- information and understanding are gained collaboratively in classrooms, but only if the students in them have the tools to participate.

A significant driver of education today is STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math - which serves to prepare students for our now technologically driven society. However, for students from low-income families, success in these courses of study can often be out of reach because they lack even the most basic school supplies. Simple tools, such as paper and a pencil, a calculator, or even the art supplies to draw and paint, are necessary items that are simply out of reach for families struggling to survive day-to-day.

We hope that the fun of this challenge points to how a little tool can be used to unlock awareness and joy. We’re using whipped cream and pie tins to make amusing videos and bring attention to this upsetting opportunity imbalance in a fun, participatory way. Students who have access to simple tools also have access to a new way of learning and expression. FGT holds each child’s potential in high importance, and wants to raise awareness of the limits that resource inequality places on that potential.

The Challenge lasts for the rest of the month so you can help! Participate in the FGT Pi Face Challenge, or donate, or both. Together we can raise awareness about this important issue.

College Admission Scandal: Be the Change You Want to See

by Liza Levin, FGT Executive Assistant

I have been somewhat obsessed with the college admission scandal. I find it so outrageous that the most privileged are cheating the system that benefits them in the first place! It is especially galling when you consider that some of those spots are taken from a child who was going to use a sports scholarship as the only way they would be able to attend college at all.

Many of us cannot even afford to spend $50,000 a year or more to pay for college, let alone spend 10 times that much to bribe someone to let our child into the out-of-reach college of their choice.

But most of us can afford to buy our child a new backpack full of supplies for their school year. Now consider if you could not. Through my work at Family Giving Tree I’ve become familiar with some pretty disheartening statistics: One out of four children in the Bay Area are living under the poverty line. By 3rd grade, they are, on average, already two years behind their peers in reading and math.

Hearing about people who put their wealth towards socially-detrimental ends can be frustrating, but that’s where my work gives me hope. Every year, with your amazing, essential help, we:

- Contact companies, social groups, organizations, and small businesses to become Drive Leaders that collect backpacks on our behalf.

- Ensure that every backpack that we give out has the necessary grade-appropriate school supplies.

- Get the word out about poverty in our Bay Area communities – information that is surprising to most people who live here.

- Fundraise in order to buy more backpacks and school supplies.

And we have no plans on stopping before every Bay Area kid has the tools they need to express their brilliance.

It can be angering, and even painful to learn about injustice, but each of us has the power to turn that hurt into passion for change. When you’re upset about something incredibly wrong, try doing something radically right! Promote and encourage the people around you who work to make goodness and equality a tangible reality.


In the mood for ramen, Milk tea, and Egg Tofu? Well now you don’t have to go to 3 different restaurants to satiate your cravings. i-Tea Milpitas has an impressive array of options whether savory or sweet, solid or sip-able.

Ordering Experience: 3 Bubbles - There are almost endless options… which makes for a somewhat daunting menu. Currently, the only way to see what i-Tea offers is to click through the photographs of their menu on Yelp. This isn’t the most elegant way to parse their selection, but the sheer number of choices is impressive enough to offset some of that difficulty. And when you do find what you’re looking for, you feel pretty smart.

Taste Factor: 3 Bubbles - The basil popcorn chicken and curly fries were perfect for sharing, as Jessica and Evelyn can testify. The “R2” Apple drink comes highly recommended by Jake who always chooses that option. Jessica further recommends the Sea Salt Kreama drink and which she has noted as a definite re-order.

Versatility: 5 Bubbles - This category is connected to the ordering experience, but we really do want to commend i-Tea for providing the type of menu you can come back to for every meal. There’s something visionary about a tea place which recognizes the potential of tea to be consumed at any time of day, thereby providing entrees and appetizers suitable to the every whim.

Overall: 5 Bubbles - All in all, a delicious, wholesome experience. We hope to get their ramen soon to deepen our knowledge of their esoteric menu.


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