Connor and Sports Writing Abigail Alvarado, The noble academy

After having some Lunch, Connor and his friends starts heading back to Franklin Hall for sports writing. On their way to Franklin Hall they mention what they thought about the meeting they had in the morning. His friend Dani says " it was really interesting it as been happening fro years" and Connor agreed.
As Connor's classmate talks about what surprised him about the interview they had in the morning, Connor pays close attention. As the classmate finishes his comment, another classmate adds on to what he was saying, "Yeah, they also said how Duke has a better team than Indiana".
As the teacher speaks of the main rules a sports writer should never do is involving their opinion, only on information that they can back it up with. Therefore, Connor takes note of that to remember when he starts writing his sport article that is assigned.
As the teacher talks about how they should keep track of the information of what the speaker is saying, Connor writes notes down. The teacher says, "You should always record and take notes as well, having quotes involved". Then they talk about what quotes and information they got from the person they interviewed.
When the teacher asks what else they got from the interview from the morning, Connor says "they mentioned that they should pay the athletes by experience and not by gender". Then a classmate adds on to Connor said.
As the teacher gives the students some time to read the article of previous sports writing form other people, Connor reads and corrects his paper. Connor says, "This is really hard, I'm not even half way done". After a few minutes, the teacher walks out and the students start talking among themselves, how boring the article is.
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Abigail Alvarado

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