WONDERSAUCE™ Digital image Transfers

WONDERSAUCE™ DIGITAL IMAGE TRANSFER WORKSHOP, May 18&19, 2018. Private studio of Diane Rolnick, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In this workshop you will learn to apply YOUR digital images to creative substrates which include aluminum , a variety of acrylic sheets and the new optimized DASS™ YUPO , non paper sheet material.

These new techniques were invented by noted artist and author, BONNY LHOTKA, who teaches in fine art centers including the EASTMAN HOUSE, ANDERSON RANCH, ADOBE MAX and in her own LHOTKA studio. Lhotka has written 3 textbooks and has a VIEMO video channel to view them in action.

I have been recognized by Lhotka as a DASSART™ instructor and I assisted her in many Lhotka studio workshops and onsite Adobe events as well as my teaching in South Florida. I use these systems in my own artwork and have pioneered the use of the DASS™ Wondersauce™, nontoxic releasing solutions.

Working on a 48x48 aluminum sheet that I have prepped and applied some acrylic inks.Five images have been put down and many more were applied. I use a garden hose to remove the residual emulsion, as these are large plates.

Wondersauce™ has no vapor, is water based and you can add image layers. Collage your elements and apply over and under compatable mixed media for an entirely new look and approach to your photographic designs.

These techniques are to be used in your own studio environment —allowing you total creative freedom and originality verses subcontracting to a printing service. Printed on the proprietary DASS™ Premium emulsion film with a pigment fine art digital printer, your images are prepped in Photoshop or other digital editing softwear. Pigment printers are made by Epson, Canon and HP and come in a variety of sizes and prices. With a collage technique you can use individual elements in pieces to create much large final artwork.

SHHH SHHH BOOM, 48x48”, archival pigment images on aluminum, mixed media, 2017. This is the final result of the image picture with me above while in process .

We use a variety of Wondersauce™ mixtures that can have additional additives. You will see how to vary the opacity of the releasing Wondersauce™ to accentuate depth of field within your artwork. Also these sauces applied to black substrates will produce a variety of “artifacts” , one of a kind variances.

By experiencing a variety of substrates you will begin visualizing which you like more for your specific work. Those who like matted and framed work will ADORE the DASS™ optimized YUPO which has been custom fabricated for the DASS™ processes by the YUPO company and Lhotka. Working together, they zeroed in to create a very special surface that is completely versatile. A variety of mixed media materials are compatable.

A variety of my work using DASS™ .By using elements you can invent unique results.

This workshop is limed to 5 artists . It will be located in the private Santa Fe studio of Diane Rolnick, artist/professional photographer. It will be two days of intense FUN and I am there to share my experience and personal studio hacks. By attending a live workshop you cut the learning curve and are on a fast track with these new processes. .There are no books currently devoted exclusively to the Wondersauce™ processes. I will demonstrate collage works with DASS™ materials on larger substrates with mixed media additions.

Workshop artists. A mixed media collage on PETG acrylic, CE, 1017.

Payments will be invoiced on SQUAREPAY, the first of $250. Will hold your space, the second of $200. Will be invoiced one week before the event. The materials fee of $65. Can be paid by cash or check at the time of the workshop in Santa Fe. The materials fee includes the PRINTING of your images.

I will send artists a specific list of images categories designed for the substrates, All 10-15 Images will be prepped by YOU to be at 300dpi on a 8x10” or 12x12” format. Some should be color and some black and white.. The images should be rather simple , no panoramas of the Grand Canyon, as we are all about the processes , not about the art you will create in your own environment. Stock images will be provided for the initial learning time so you will still have your original images to apply. No 72 dpi Images, please! These will then be sent via DROPBOX and a link sent to my email, cestudio@bellsouth.net.

I will further process and print. FYI all images are FLOPPED before printing so they will transfer correctly.. if you doing this element , you must tell me...

Artists will also be sent a list of studio supplies needed for the workshop .These will include a clean piece of plexi at least 18x24”, blue safe release painters tape, scissor, sharpie marking pen, small paint brushes, Q-tips, regular 1” masking tape, any acrylic paint pens and etc.

We’ll work all day , 9:30 - 5:30 pm each day. Artists will bring their own lunch , snacks and beverages. Bottled water will be provided.

Workshop artists images being printed on DASS™ premium film.

Any questions ? Please email me at cestudio@bellsouth.net.

My web site. http://www.alternativephototransfer.com/

Modern Tintypes Plus https://spark.adobe.com/page/2iRvW/

HOT TIPS. For Cold Cookin’. https://spark.adobe.com/page/KVzIE/

Selfies on Metal , high school project. https://spark.adobe.com/page/aRjp3/

Waving to Key West, archival pigment images , aluminum panel, mixed media 36x36”, 2017, CE©.

All additional DASSART™ materials are ordered directly from the DASSART.com website..

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