Hatchet By AJ Vescova

Exposition: The characters in Hatchet are The pilot, Brian's father, Brian's mother, Mr. Perpich, The blond haired man, and Brian. And the setting is in the canadian forest.
The first thing that brian really accomplished was that he built his shelter. There was some other times he rebuilt his shelter and modified it and did some other stuff to keep critters out of it. Like when the skunk came in and ate all of the turtle eggs and sprayed brian he weaved some sticks and other stuff to reinforce it.
The next event that brian experiences is the bear and brian meets the bear when he's trying to find the new berries after he woke up in pain from the gut cherries and stumbled along the bear and got scared and ran back in panic and fear from the bear.
The next event that brian experienced is when he met the porcupine and the porcupine attacked him and shot his quills into brian so brian in pure fear and shock threw his hatchet at the porcupine and it hit a rock and sparked and that is how brian discovered fire.
The next event that brian experiences is when brian meets the skunk and the skunk eats all of his turtle eggs and brian gets sprayed by the skunk because brian kicked the sand at the skunk so the skunk sprayed brian ran into the lake trying to get the skunk spray off of him so he does not have to smell it.
The next accomplishment or experience that happens to brian is when he learns to catch fish and the fool birds so how he learned to catch the fish is he kept on trying to catch them with his bow and arrow he kept on missing until he remembered something he learned that water and light reflect each other so he had to aim a little bit under the fish in order to hit it. The way he learned how to catch the foolbird was at first he couldn't see them until he saw a bird out of the corner of his eye and had to look at the shape not look for feathers an what not.
The climax is when brian builds up the courage to swim out to the plane and break into the plane using his hatchet but then brian drops his hatchet and has to get it which took him a little bit but then once he finally got in and found the dead pilot.
The first part of the falling action is when brian finds the survival pack and he figured that it was cloth or some other fabric like that so that's what he was feeling for then when he found it, it took him the rest of the day to get back then when he got back he went to bed and opened it in the morning.
The next event in the falling action is when brian actually opens the survival pack and when he finds all of the food and the rifle and the knife and the compass and the transmitter even though he didn't know it was a transmitter.
The last event in the falling action was when brian turned on the transmitter even though he didn't know it was a radio transmitter but it is one of the best parts because brian actually saved himself on accident.
The resolution of the story is when brian starts to cook the food and makes the orange drink and when he gets saved and all of the details about everything that brian said like when he was explaining that how his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth then finally said "do you want something to eat".


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