Taking My Line For A Walk (Not a lion . . . Drat!)

The first time I heard Ms. Lee talk about the creative practice of taking a line for a walk was a few months ago during a training session she delivered for online lecturers. You know what I heard instead? "Take A Lion For A Walk!" I couldn't imagine what the project involved – well, no, that's not true, I imagined a few interesting possibilities! – So I was excited when I found out this is going to be a creative practice used in our class this semester. But when I first saw it in writing on Canvas, I thought it must be a misspelling – it should be "lion," not "line." Just when I was opening up a new email message to write Ms. Lee about it and confirm the error . . . it's suddenly occurred to me – could I have heard it wrong?? I am terribly hard of hearing . . . But wouldn't taking a lion for a walk be much more interesting?? Yes, once in a while this silly brain of mine reverts back to about age five! So, here it is -- it's 6-word title: Octopus Dreaming, Seeking Enlightenment On Ayahuasca

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Christina Radatz Sachs

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