snippets of chicago

I landed in my new home, Chicago, on Monday, August 1st at 15h30.


The Chicago Air & Water Show happens annually in August and is held on the shore of Lake Michigan. This was one of the first things I remember experiencing in my new city. As the jets cut through the skies and their voices echoed through the buildings, I began my journey of falling for Chicago.
It was as if the signs were in the sky, welcoming me home.

As my natural habit set in, I began to observe and capture along the way. I found little pieces of home everywhere I looked.


Slowly but surely, I started making connections to this city. With every step, I drew closer to the rhythm of Chicago’s heartbeat.


Some familiar faces joined me on my discovery and together we found our favorite places in this city.

During my first snowfall in Chicago, it set in that this was my new home. Maybe it was the sudden shift in season or the fact that I had never lived in a city where it snowed, but the deal was sealed and my heart had shifted.


As places became familiar, I found old friends in the scenes that I loved and the spaces that I cherished.

the chicago theatre
lincoln park
nature boardwalk
chicago riverwalk
southern view of chicago
eastern view of chicago
cloud gate
the raised train lines
a selfie
in the loop
navy pier


Chicago from above.


A year has gone by and I’m still discovering Chicago, its nuances and the details that make it home.

Created By
Gareth Pon


photography by gareth pon

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