North Dakota access pipeline impacts By Eli Huerta Amparan

As you all probably already know there has been a very controversial pipeline being built. It is named the north Dakota pipeline and a lot can happen in the next four years with the pipeline because our new president. Before I started this project i did not know much about this problem. So just to clarify some things I will tell you some things that you should now before moving on. So here is my presentation of what are some possible outcomes and out comes of the north Dakota pipeline on the government , natives , And the oil company.

This is where the protest site is and as you can see it crosses over the tribes reservation. That is not the only reason they don't want the pipeline they also don't want a spill to contaminate the river which would have some bad effects.

As you just seen the standing rock sioux reservation which is the native tribe that is part of the protests the pipeline is going right past the the reservation. for some basic knowledge other people involved were

the government before and during trump has been a big impact.

Also the oil company to do this was sunoco logistics

So this pipeline has only been in the in the spotlight for 2 years or so but the pipeline has been being talked about since around 2010. this event has been taking place in cannon ball and the tribes reservation and this is the general area where the pipeline will be built and where the protests have been happening. You might be thinking that this is a rely bad idea but there are already many pipelines in america and this just sparked controversy because this tribe said that if a spill happens it can damage many things. this is a great reason to go fight this and i do not support the pipeline unfortunately trump has excepted the pipeline and they will now resume construction. So the government before trump did not support the pipeline except now that has has all changed.

Before i start i just wanted to say as of this Tuesday president trump has approved the pipeline so it has not been looking so good for everybody protesting and also the tribe. We still have a chance of i not being built because we they have been able to make people rethink so maybe trump will rethink. After all this is not going to be fast.

Not long ago the government decided to halt the pipeline the native tribe had some good reasons you will see soon. The army corps of engineers many members said it was a big victory.

Like i said when this happened many said this was a big victory for the protesters. This was coming from many people and something you probably did not know was when Obama was in office he did not support the pipeline however now tat has all changed with trump.There was a lot going on the standing rock Sioux tribe said they wanted a serious discussion they also filed a lawsuit which was not reported as much as the other events that happened. This was against the army corps of engineers. One of the reasons that the tribe is fighting against the pipeline is that is there is a spill anywhere around the river parts it can contaminate the river and kill the animals that are living in the river. Just like their last reason to stop the pipeline is that it crosses and can damage places of historic value.

Here is a image in north Dakota than imagine this with a pipeline than what if the pipeline has a spill than this whole place is ruined

Not long ago there was a situation that one of the protests was blocking the route of where the pipeline was being built. The protesters were being sprayed with water in freezing temperatures. Some people said that they were not being treated right even worse was that there were 141 people arrested. This was when they were just trying to block the pipeline and this was definitely very controversial.

Spraying water at people protesting in freezing cold weather is not right but if you think about it there has been a lot worse happening with the pipeline. For example the project will cost 3 to 7 billion dollars and it will carry 470,000 barrels of oil a day. You can say this can make up for the money but it cant if you think of all the maintenance and than the cost of a possible spill. Howe ever this can help many companies in that area. As of when this stuff was happening the pipeline was halted.

Here there are some protesters that look like they are committed to stop the pipeline.

throughout all of this there have been people supporting the pipeline and one was a judge. when the time that the natives won and the pipeline was halted there was even a reporter that refused to talk. Throughout the pipeline situation trump has been supporting the pipeline and since he is now the president he can make the pipeline start building which he already did. Not long ago the oil company behind the pipeline could off went into legal action with the government. Like i said the company that was investing in the pipeline are not stopping on trying to build the pipeline. Jo Ellen Darcy how is the army corps of engineers secretary was trying to look for separate routs if this all did not work.

Because the pipeline there is a possibility of a economic boom. this pipeline will be 1172 miles long and will be getting oil from a oil rich formation that has 7.4 billion barrels of oil undiscovered. Many people say the pipeline does not go into the reservation but it does jut slightly. The pipeline would also decline the need for foreign oil to come to america. This would even be a safer more environmentally friendly way of transporting oil. Howe ever this can fuel claimant change.

Here is a picture of a protest in denver

Here is another not so friendly protest in north dakota

Here is a different friendly protest in Denver.

Overall the pipeline can be good but there are also a lot of possible outcomes that are not good and that is why many people including me do not want the pipeline to happen. Thank you for coming to my presentation

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