DWARF PLANET PLUTO by, Anna and Dheeksha PLUTO


  • Pluto is a roman name
  • Pluto was considered to be the smallest planet in our solar system until 2006
  • Pluto is a ball made of rock and ice
  • Pluto cannot be seen by the most powerful telescope
  • When Pluto gets to close to the sun the ice turns into gas
  • Pluto orbits the sun at a distance of 3.6 million miles
  • Clyde Tombaugh is the founder of Pluto
  • The last occurred Pluto orbit is in 1979 to 1999
  • Venetra Burney named Pluto
  • Pluto's diameter is about 1,430 miles
  • The sky on Pluto is always night
  • Pluto's diameter is less than half of mercury

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  • Pluto has five moon's
  • Scientists think that Pluto is rocky
  • Pluto is the only dwarf planet with an atmosphere
  • The bright regions of Pluto are probably nitrogen

say PLUTO !

Beautiful planet Pluto
Pluto's patterns
  • Pluto is cold at the average temperature 356 degrees fahrenheit below zero
  • Scientists believe that Pluto's temperature is - 233 degrees c
  • The biggest dwarf planet is Pluto radius is 735 .25 degrees c
  • Pluto is the most known dwarf planet
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