Man Ray Mackenzie Osborn

Percolator 1917

Emmanuel Radnitzky, commonly known as Man Ray, was an American visual artist and spent most of his career in France. He was born on August 27, 1890 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he died on November 18, 1976 in Paris, Franceat 86 years old. Man Ray graduated from high school in 1908 and followed his passion for art. He worked with French artist Marcel Duchamp and formed the New York group of Dada artists. He also studied drawing with Robert Henri. He experimented with Cubist painting styles and moved to abstraction after he was finished with that. Most of his work was either features or is inspired by real people. After he died, he was remembered for his "artistic wit and originality".

My Piece

My piece is eleven circles all filled with items that relate to things Man Ray did. It is colorful and inspired by what he did with his life and some things about where he lived. To create my artwork, I used Sharpies to color and outline the main circles. I also used pencil to draw the objects displayed in the circles.

The idea behind my artwork was to incorporate pieces from some of his artwork. For example, I drew the paintbrush, wrote "Poetry" and "Sculpture", and drew a camera to show he was a painter, wrote poetry, created sculptures, and he was a photographer. I also put the designs from a violin and an eye because he featured both in pieces of his artwork. I drew the Liberty Bell to represent that he was born in Philadelphia.

My goals for this artwork were to incorporate lots of different things from his different works. I feel that I achieved that goal. My piece features a lot of objects he had either photographed or painted during his career.

From doing this piece i learned that using pieces from other artists' work can be challenging. There were some of man Ray's pieces that were very easy to incorporate into my own piece and there were also some that I had to really think about. I believe that this piece has helped me improve as an artist and I also believe I will continue to do so.

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