Let's review fats from last lesson....

You have 5 minutes to answer the discussion question on Canvas relating to fats and what you learnt last lesson. Go!

DID YOU KNOW: Prunes are actually dried plums!


READING: Read page 45 on Vitamins as a class then copy the notes below.

BOARD NOTES: Vitamins are micronutrients that are vital for the body in small amounts. The body does not produce most vitamins so they must be obtained from food. There are two groups of vitamins:

WATER SOLUBLE VITAMINS = B vitamins and Vitamin C

  • Water soluble vitamins are not stored in the body and they dissolve in water, which means they can be transported around the body in the blood


  • Fat soluble vitamins do not dissolve in water and can be stored in the body in with fat tissues of the liver

ACTIVITY: With a partner you are to investigate the consequences of being deficient in a vitamin that you will draw from a hat. Investigate the consequences of being deficient in this vitamin and then produce a computer generated document using Adobe Spark Post to record the following information:

  1. The vitamin chosen
  2. The condition caused by the deficiency
  3. Signs and symptoms of the deficiency including photos
  4. Prevalence of this condition in Australia and around the world and who is generally affected by this condition
  5. Food products that should be consumed to avoid this defiency
  6. A recipe for a food item that could be included in a school lunchbox and that would be a good source of the vitamin


BOARD NOTES: Minerals are chemicals other than carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen that are found in the body. Minerals are necessary for good health and are part of many hormones and enzymes.

Minerals are classified as either trace or major. Trace elements, such as iodine, are only needed in small amounts. Whereas major elements, such as calcium and iron, are needed in large amounts.

HOMEWORK #5 & #6: Complete the tables on the selected vitamins and minerals that you will need to know for future. Also list the functions of water in the body, using page 51 of the text to assist you.


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