Celebrating 20 years of NeighborWorks Columbus 2019 Annual Report

With amazing community support, NeighborWorks Columbus kicked off several exciting projects in 2019.

In March, we—along with our partners Vizion Driven Communities—broke ground on a 102-unit housing complex for low-income seniors. The future home of Highland Terrace is in the North Highland Community on the site of the old Meritas Mills.

Here's the progress our awesome team has made on Highland Terrace in the last year. The project is expected to be finished late 2020.

Because of your support, significant progress toward the revitalization and rehabilitation efforts of 4th Avenue in the North Highland Community are underway.

In 2019, we acquired 27 homes on 4th Avenue and demolished 13 substandard structures, including this landmark building known by many as Cozy Corner. This work is done in collaboration with key stakeholders and community partners.

The Cottages of Anderson Village are another exciting project that began in 2019. We renovated two cottages in this North Highland neighborhood that have become home to wonderful families. We purchased 9 other homes in this area that will be renovated.

207 families became homeowners in 2019!

Customers set themselves up for successful homeownership by participating in our Homebuyer education, one-on-one counseling, and Financial Fitness—a program that teaches budgeting and money management skills.

By the time our customers complete this program, they are empowered to become successful, strong, and resilient homeowners.

While we hosted monthly Financial Fitness courses in our office, we also partnered with local agencies and churches to hold sessions within the community, giving even more people a chance to learn valuable financial skills.

281 people attended Financial Fitness classes & 401 customers received one-on-one counseling and coaching services!

Not everyone is in a position to buy a home, which is why we offer affordable, quality rental units. 34 families lived in rental units managed by NeighborWorks Columbus last year.

In 2019, we started a new program to make homeownership accessible to even more people. HEART (Homeownership Earned and Reached Together) provides affordable housing opportunities to individuals and families not qualified to purchase a home now but will be in the near future.

Barbara Lee, pictured here, is one of our proud HEART customers from 2019.

"It's a blessing to be in this home. I want to thank NeighborWorks Columbus with all my heart for everything they've done."

We were proud to be a part of the NeighborhoodLIFT program in collaboration with Wells Fargo, & NeighborWorks® America. This program provided eligible home buyers with funds to use toward down payment and closing costs in Atlanta and Birmingham.

We closed 2019 with 164 loans totaling $2.8 Million!

In 2019, we raised $3.9 million dollars, which we invested in:

  • Creating 207 new homeowners
  • $1.2 million in down payment assistance and loans
  • $1.4 million in revitalization of North Highland neighborhood
  • Providing financial education & counseling for over 680 people

Expense Allocation:

  • 79% Program Services
  • 21% in Management & General

At our 20th Anniversary Celebration fundraiser, we raised more than $78,000. Thank you for your commitment to ensuring all in our community have access to safe, fit, affordable housing!

All our work is made possible by our dedicated volunteers, donors, and partners!

An extra big thanks to our 2019 Board of Directors:

  • Shannon Smallman, Chair
  • Mitchell Watkins, Vice Chair
  • Steven Voynich, Jr., Treasurer
  • Belva Dorsey, Immediate Past Chair
  • Vince Allen
  • Bonnie Anderson
  • Dykes Blackmon
  • Brenda Connally-Brown
  • Marilyn Denson
  • Olin Doss
  • Cynthia Walker-Hester
  • Mike Irvin
  • Tina Lamb
  • Mary Mayrose
  • Carrie Strickland
  • Robert Wilson

House of Dreams, $20,000 & Up:

  • Beloco Foundation
  • Bradley Turner Foundation
  • Kent and Steve Butler
  • Elizabeth Corn
  • Hallock Soldiers Fund
  • Alan and Betsy Ramsay
  • SunTrust Foundation
  • Brad and Sally Turner, Jr.
  • John and Amandah Turner

Roof Raiser, $5,000 & Up:

  • Columbus Board of Realtors
  • Justin and Katie Krieg
  • TSYS
  • Kate C. Wilson

Door to Tomorrow, $2,500 & Up:

  • Shelby and Wanda Amos Foundation
  • Georgia Power Foundation
  • NeighborWorks America
  • Pezold Family McDonalds
  • Phenix City Housing Authority
  • W.C. Bradley Company
  • Wells Fargo

Window of Opportunity, $1,000 & Up:

  • A-Com Integrated Solutions
  • AJK, LLC.
  • Jean Amos
  • The Bridge Church
  • Mary Jane Galer
  • Mrs. Richard Hallock
  • Integrated Financial Group
  • Kinetic Credit Union
  • Tina Lamb
  • The Loft
  • Robinson & Grimes
  • Vizion Driven Communities
  • Cathy Williams
  • Synovus
  • Team Crabb

Green Thumb, $500 & Up:

  • Albright, Fortenberry & Ninas, LLP
  • Sam Andras
  • Brad Arnold
  • Carl Brown & Associates
  • Curtis Marshall Concrete Paving
  • Whitfield and Katie Athey
  • Gary Moseley
  • Harvey Lumber
  • Housing Authority of Columbus Georgia
  • Marc and Marleen Olivie
  • Meacham & Earley, P.C.
  • Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc.
  • Page, Scrantom, Sprouse, Tucker & Ford
  • Shannon and Ernie Smallman
  • Townsend Wealth Management
  • Robert Wright, Jr.

Steps to Homeownership

  • John and Olivia Amos
  • David and Kim Antekeier
  • Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc.
  • Joe and Marie Arnold
  • Barbara Ausbon
  • Community Housing Capital
  • Tracey and Rick Beatty
  • Susan and Carter Berry
  • Joseph Bialoncik
  • Tammy Briggs
  • Brenda Conally-Brown
  • Scott and Alice Bryan
  • Jim and Nancy Buntin
  • Verona Campbell
  • Larry and Patty Cardin
  • Rebecca Cartee
  • Joanne Cavis
  • Richard and Mimi Childs
  • Brad Clements
  • Ken Coolik
  • Deborah Davis
  • Tracy Dean
  • Mrs. John H. Deaton
  • Belva Dorsey
  • Olin Doss
  • Michael Eddings
  • Jane Etheridge
  • Melanie Faison
  • Loretta and Tom Flowers
  • Judge K. Followill
  • Sally Q. Gates
  • Hall Booth Smith
  • B.S. and Linda Harp, Jr.
  • Ashley Hawthorne
  • Ken and Eileen Henson
  • Nicole Evans and Issac Heribert
  • Historic Columbus
  • Marilyn and John House
  • Charles and Lula Huff
  • Louise Hurless
  • Aimee Jamison
  • Jimmy Jarrell
  • Jack Key
  • Ron and Judy King
  • The Ladies Society
  • Jackie Leonard
  • David Lewis
  • Priscilla and William Linge
  • Derek Mann
  • Kathleen Mason
  • Mary Mayrose
  • Stephanie and Bruce McPherson
  • Holli Melancon
  • Jan Miles
  • Jimmy and Barbara Motos
  • Mandy Ochoa
  • John and Vicky Partin
  • Donald and Judy Peek
  • Rev. Willie and Therese Phillips
  • Pound Construction Co., Inc.
  • Sandy Powell
  • Robert Poydasheff
  • Andrew Prather II
  • Ralph and Jean Puckett
  • Lance Renfrow
  • Randy and Theresa Robertson
  • Lisa Scrivner
  • Priscilla Seeger
  • Gloria Weston-Smart
  • Cindy and Jay Sparks
  • Carrie and Rob Strickland
  • Mitchell Watkins
  • Shirley and Jim Wetherington
  • Robert Wilson