Facts on Malala Yousafzai By mason morones

This is someone who faught for something without out using a weapon. She is an inspiration to many around the globe, today.

Ten facts:

1. Born in Mingora, Pakistan and grew up in one of most popular tourist spots in Pakistan.

2. Attended a school that her father has founded, and was attacked.

3. She gave a speech on to the taliban taking her education away, and destroying schools.

4. She began a blog about living in terrorist conditions

5. One peace prizes in the states and her own country

6. At age 15, she was riding a bus with her friends and, a masked gunman shot her on the left side of her head.

7. In result she had full out support from people around the globe

8. She had a full recovery and was realeased in October 23

9. She is still a target according to the taliban

10. She won the noble peace prize in the states and her own country.

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