British North America By: Emad. K

The Quebec Act (1774-1791)

  • officially passed by the British in 1774
  • restored French civil law while also keeping British criminal law
  • made a government in Quebec
  • was aimed at providing fairness for French Catholics
  • the Quebec Act also expanded the borders of Quebec
  • replacement for the Royal Proclamation as it decreased New France population
( View Added to Quebec)

Why is it historically important?

  • Increased the size of Quebec
  • shows us how the Royal Proclamation affected NF's population
  • also shows how mistreated French Catholics were in Quebec
  • restricted thirteen colonies' freedom (eventually led to American Revolution)

Impact on British

  • very little progress
  • kept their criminal law
  • Bonded French and British so they could compromise with each other

Impact on French

  • the French benefited the most out of this event
  • Roman Catholics were now treated fairly
  • they restored their civil law
  • their numbers had decreased from The Royal Proclamation which had now been replaced

The American Revolution (1775-1783)

  • the Americans (British Rebels) invaded Canada in hope for independence
  • they were defeated yet they still gained their independence from the British
  • the British successfully defended but felt defeated as they had lost so many of their people (British Rebels)

Causes of the Event

  • too many taxes on the Thirteen Colonies (ex. taxing tea)
  • they thought it was unfair for the British to take all of the wars cost on them
  • they didn't receive anything in return from the King
  • they became unhappy and tried to gain independence from the British
Protests were made against taxing nonsense things

Why is this Historically Important?

  • Thirteen Colonies (present day US) gained independence and it is here because of the day the Thirteen Colonies gained independence from the British
  • this event also tells us how Canada was formed and how the Thirteen Colonies failed to invade Canada
  • and this kind of summarizes how North America is how it is today

Impact on the Thirteen Colonies (Americans)

  • gained independence
  • made their own government and were not ruled by the British anymore
  • didn't have to pay stupid taxes anymore
  • they progressed pretty well

Impact on British

  • they lost a lot of their people
  • lost a lot of the land that the Thirteen Colonies used
  • had another country to fear about in the struggle to control North America
  • the British didn't progress at all, they lost a lot!

The War of 1812 (1812-1814)

  • Americans declared war against the british
  • they wanted to take over BNA
  • Britain defended well with a lot of forces
  • they defended well against the Americans with larger numbers
  • their forces came from BNA and Britain
  • the war didn't have a winner

Causes of the Event

  • origin was from rising conflict in Europe after Napoleon became consul
  • because of that Great Britain and BNA adopted measures that the US didn't like
  • Napoleon aimed to crushing the British trading system
  • the British had the power to blockade france
  • the British also stopped American trading ships from trading in Europe which also aggravated the Americans

Consequences Of the Event

  • a peace treaty was signed to end the war
  • American's gained respect from the British
  • the British finally thought of the Americans as an independent country because they always thought that Americans were still part of them
  • this made the British be prepared for a war later on

Impact on British

  • won a lot of defences
  • were scared of and now respected the Americans
  • peace treaty was also signed which was needed for the British
  • this was a decline as they gained fear for the Americans

Impact on Americans

  • gained more respect
  • won a little bit of respect
  • all in all they had a few positive points so it was a progress
  • Peace treaty was also signed
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