sePARaTed By:Alex A., B.R., Maddie D., kesli b.

Abby Kahan

I am jewish

The soldier’s eyes are bluish

My hair flows everywhere

There’s a feeling of dread in the air

My hair is black

This is not something i want to playback


The skys are blue

And as the wind flew

My suspicions grew

Why were there soldiers

It seemed as if they were the controllers

And yet it was only getting colder


My family was great until they took my father away

He was indeed a great sailor which i guess meant he couldn't stay

The nazis knocked down our door and told my dad to go

Away to help the germans win this war that will only grow

For he was taken away and will hopefully come back one day


They all come running

In the house , rushing

It was a blur

My family in fear

And i in tears

I tugged

I pulled

But the nazis were too strong

They knocked down everything




They fought us like it was a westering match

And off we go because we lost it


My family was taken from me

It felt like the sting from a bee

It stung like fire

All i had was a desire

To harm these horrible soldiers

To have a gun and a holster

But most of all

For this to not be a brawl

For the stings from bees

To seize

I want my mom

Not to be potentially dead from a bomb

I want my sister

Not to be a subject of a blister

I miss them

I love them

But they were taken

And i only can wish i was mistaken

Thinking of leaving

The days seem longer and

The wind seems stronger than usual

But all of that doesn't distract all the things in my head

How i will leave

When i will leave

This place of hunger

This place of torture

Where people lose faith

Where people lose people

Yet leaving this place

Will only make me leave the people i love

But in order for me to see another person i need to



I push and I pull

I attempt to escape

I am in pain

From the bobwires

They dragged through

I'm scared but

In the back of my head

I hear my father's words

That make me cry everytime

I remember he said goodbye

“Be strong I'll see you soon”

Finding them

Thinking of them doesn't help

The fact that i lost them

I lost them forever in a war of


A war of fear

A war of power

And though chances are low

I will find them

Through the war that separated

The war that i left

The war of mystery

So i will find them

And i'll be different

I hope they aren't different

Even though i'll be different

Because i'll still listen

To the words they said

To me before we separated

A plan in the making

There is not a second i’m not thinking about them

I look outside and it’s almost night.,

so i make up a plan to find my family

they got taken by the nazis

but i managed to hide

but i’m Abbey Kahan and

i have to make this right


I ran outside without a fright my nose and feet were running its

night i can barely see

but i can hear just fine those footsteps coming from behind,

my feet were settled on the gate as i spot the nazis my mind awakes

i jump the gate and my clothes got caught and brave and strong

is what i was not

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alex kesli maddie taylor

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