BULLETIN N°1 / 2020

POSTRANSFER, the UPU’s collective trademark, is now being rolled out globally.

The POSTRANSFER trademark is registered and protected worldwide, and is a crucial component in the revamping of postal payment services.

A great many countries are now preparing for its launch, with technical and business support from the Postransfer Group.

“The roll-out of the PosTransfer trademark to all designated operators (DOs) using the International Financial System (IFS) is the culmination of a process initiated several years ago and marks the completion of one of the most important projects of the roadmap for postal payment service development activities.

This launch heralds a new era in postal payment services and, by adopting the PosTransfer trademark, DOs will be able to establish a strong brand that embodies postal values, including accessibility for as many people as possible.

The completion of other projects currently under implementation, notably opening up postal payment services to wider postal sector players, expanding the range of products and services offered within the scope of postal payment services, migration to the UPU's new centralized technical platform, and enhanced governance of postal payment systems, will also constitute a major milestone in the development of the PosTransfer trademark.”

"The Posts of the Arab region in general, and Djibouti Post at a local level, are conscious of the importance of the PosTransfer collective trademark in increasing financial inclusion and providing a quick and inexpensive solution for electronic money transfers. The launch of the PosTransfer trademark constitutes a step towards extending the availability of this service within the region and worldwide.

Djibouti Post has been promoting the PosTransfer trademark since the signature of the trademark licence agreement in February 2019, through the production of promotional materials (branding on delivery vehicles, and roller banners and flyers aimed at the public) and events within the postal network.

Djibouti Post is confident that, with the support of the UPU, the world’s Posts will succeed in becoming leaders in money transfer services under the PosTransfer banner.”

COVID-19 activities – Survey and follow-up

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the entire world. Unfortunately, most expert predictions point to the direct and indirect social and economic impacts of this crisis lasting beyond 2020.

The UPU has launched a short survey on the impact of the pandemic on postal payment services and operators’ responses to the current situation. The survey can be accessed (in English, French and Russian) here .

Happy birthday to IFS in France and Morocco!

May 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of the first IFS corridor for the exchange of electronic postal payment services between France and Morocco.

"This year marks the 20th anniversary of the IFS corridor between Morocco and France. Over the years, the partnership uniting Al Barid Bank and France’s La Banque Postale has matured into a strong and fruitful alliance.

The Morocco–France corridor is now one of the most active in the world, with almost 90,000 transactions effected by the end of 2019.

The corridor is widely used by members of the Moroccan diaspora in France, who particularly appreciate the attractive pricing, in line with the postal values at the heart of each of the institutions, and the speed and safety offered by the cutting-edge solution.”