Non-Fiction By: Luci Angell

Non-Fiction is prose writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people, such as biography or history.
Non-Fiction is different from fiction, Non fiction includes facts, is made for learning, and help you gather information on a topic. Unlike fiction, where the text is a story made up, is made to enjoy, helps you escape reality
Stolen into slavery is a non-fiction book . It is about a man who was tricked into being a slave and couldn't get out of slavery for 12 years. It tells about his adventurers and the struggles he has to try to get his freedom back. Very good book!
Newspapers are usually a very nonfiction reading. Just watch out, some news papers are very opinionated.
Watch out for opinions in someones writing! If it has opinions in the text then it probably isn't nonfiction and is not a reliable source.
Textbooks are all non-fiction.
Non-fiction is full of facts normally based on the same topic.
The news is also a big non-fiction source. But it is sometimes opinionated.

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