Lewis and Clark expedition By: Jailene Resto

Key Players

Most of them were explorers
  • Captain Meriwether Lewis - Led the expedition, soldier, American Explorer
  • Captain William Clark - 2nd leader in the expedition, soldier, territorial governor
  • Private Hugh Hall- Veteran
  • York- Clark's slave, he was such a curiosity
  • Private Richard Windsor- hunter, scout, woodsmen

Expedition Accomplishments

Western Indian
  • Lewis and Clark mapped a new route to the Pacific
  • They established good relations with western indians
  • They brought back priceless information about the West and its people

Hardships/dilemmas faced along the way

Prickly pear cactus
  • Lewis and Clark had to survive a wet hungry winter in Oregon
  • The thorns of prickly pear cactus pricked their feet
  • They had to survive rapids and waterfalls which slowed them down

Plant/animal species discovered on the journey

Chocolate Lily
  • Chocolate Lily
  • Bear Grass
  • Blue Catfish
  • Coyote

the route taken by the lewis and clark expedition

Items or tools taken on the journey

  • 2 horses - used for transportation and for food
  • 6 large needles- used to sew wounds and clothing
  • 45 flannel shirts - to keep them warm

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