In Lola we represent both sexes. A stereotypical heterosexual relationship is conveyed, the man and the woman live together share the same bed ect. We subvert stereotypes by having our woman as the more outspoken and the male as the reserved character. We show this through their dialogue, the woman has more lines than the male. In most slasher films the main protagonist is usually a male, we conformed to this stereotype. Our male character is represented as reserved, with psychotic tendencies, he follows his wife without her knowing, has a knife in his bedside drawer. Heterosexual relationships are also conveyed in other horror films such as 'American Psycho', also we focused our male character on having the same characteristics as the male character in 'American Psycho'

Our characters are young adults, the woman is having an affair this represents young peoples relationships to be dysfunctional. This had led the, male character to start killing people to create his own perfect woman. This represents how much impact one person can have upon someone.

Our film is based in a suburban area, our characters are middle class, this is shown through the mise en scene of the house they live in, the phones they use, also through her job as she obviously has a good job in an office this is represented through her clothes and her dialogue 'I'm going away on business.'


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